Netflix works on live action movie Mobile Suit Gundam

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  • Netflix works on live-action movie Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Netflix has surprised fans of the iconic franchise by revealing that it is working on a live-action Mobile Suit Gundam movie.

After years of speculation finally, come to the screen a movie live-action of Mobile Suit Gundam hand of Legendary Pictures and Netflix platform that will distribute and commissioned adaptation.


The director of Kong: Skull Island has been chosen to bring this live-action adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam to Netflix.

According to what was revealed, this film will be directed by the director of the hit Kong: Skull Island Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who after passing through the universe of Legendary monsters surely knows a thing or two about characters and giant action.

As we mentioned, the film was in a kind of cinematic limbo despite the interest of Legendary and Sunrise, the company that owns the rights to adapt Mobile Suit Gundam.

At the moment the announcement of the live-action adaptation of the mecha anime was not accompanied by any other details such as cast or release date, so it is added to the list of adaptations that will arrive on Netflix as Cowboy Bebop.

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Mobile Suit Gundam, the classic anime available on Crunchyroll.

If the news about the live-action planned by the streaming platform increases your curiosity about the original anime, we remind you that the classic Mobile Suit Gundam series from 1979 is available on Crunchyroll.

The story that started the iconic anime franchise was hard to come by and watch due to licensing issues – which changed until earlier this year when it arrived in all its retro glory on Crunchyroll.

This classic is a milestone since it not only contributed to the general popularization of Japanese animation but is also considered one of the founding series of the genre of giant robots known as Mecha.

It is so after being in limbo after being announced in 2018 the film live-action of Mobile Suit Gundam will finally be a reality on Netflix.


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