Netflix’s ‘Kill Boksoon’ features adrenaline-fueled action scene

Netflix has recently released a teaser trailer of its upcoming Korean movie, “Kill Boksoon”. The movie stars Jeon Do-yeon, a Cannes-winning actress who portrays the role of a professional contract killer named Gil Boksoon. She contemplates giving up her job to take care of her teenage daughter but later becomes the target of the entire hitman industry. In the teaser clip, Gil negotiates her contract with her boss, Cha Min-kyu, where they discuss their mission, and assailants are fast-approaching. Jeon Do-yeon revealed that she signed up for the role before the script was completed and got scared after reading the finished screenplay due to the intense action and fight scenes. “Kill Boksoon” is set to be premiered exclusively on Netflix on March 31. Watch the trailer here.

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