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A romantic movie is always the perfect plan to watch alone or in company. They are a great option to relax and get carried away by the amazing story told by the main characters.

Within Netflix, there are several movies of this genre that have a large dose of comedy. Many of them are constantly chosen by the public, as they are funny and charming.

This time, we have selected a romantic comedy that will surprise you with its unforgettable characters and its daring and original plot. Which one are we talking about? from The House of the Bunnies.

The house of the bunnies, the romantic movie on Netflix

The house of the bunnies, originally known under the title The House Bunny, is a romantic movie that has a good dose of comedy. In this way, it is part of the famous rom-com (romantic comedy) genre. Said story had Fred Wolf as director, while Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz were in charge of the script. It hit the big screen on August 22, 2008, to mixed reviews.

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One of the strongest keys to this production is its cast, which is headed by Anna Faris. Actress who rose to fame with the Scary Movie franchise, and who demonstrated a knack for making audiences laugh. In addition to this famous star, the cast also includes Emma Stone, the Oscar winner for La La Land, and Kat Dennings, a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for the plot of The House of the Bunnies, it introduces us to Shelley Darlington, a sex symbol who lives a dream life in the Playboy Mansion. However, this comes to an end when a jealous rival makes her life miserable. When she is left homeless and with no place to go, the protagonist ends up living in the Zeta Alpha Zeta fraternity. The seven inept young women are about to lose their home; they will only save her if they manage to attract more admirers.

To fulfill their goal, the girls will be forced to immerse themselves in the world of Shelley. In this way, she will teach them about makeup and men, even though none of them really want it.

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This production available on Netflix was filmed in the original Playboy mansion, and featured the participation of Hugh Hefner. The critics applauded the performance of Anna Faris, who makes her character funny and lovable.

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