New Amsterdam: Anupam Kher Leaves A Message After Leaving The Show

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The tender message that Anupam Kher has shared on Instagram after leaving ‘New Amsterdam’

“This year has been difficult for a lot of people around the world, and also for Dr. Kapoor.” The actor has left the series starring Ryan Eggold for a sad personal reason.

Just a few weeks ago, the departure of Anupam Kher from New Amsterdam was officially confirmed and the actor wanted to send a tender farewell message to his followers through his Instagram account. The interpreter has played Dr. Kapoor, head of the Department of Neurology, since the first installment of medical fiction and, although we can see him in the first episodes of the third, the seventh chapter of season 3 was his final farewell.

The character resigned from his post at New Amsterdam, but the actor’s departure came for a sad personal reason: the illness of Kher’s wife, Kirron, recently diagnosed with cancer. The interpreter has left everything to dedicate himself body and soul to taking care of his wife and has received great support from his fans and colleagues since the news was known. Now, he wanted to thank all the love received with a tender message:

This past year has been difficult for a lot of people around the world, including Dr. Kapoor. It has been incredibly special to me how long I have been a part of this series and I will never forget it. The ‘New Amsterdam’ family will always have a very special place in my heart. I am very grateful to the audience, for their love, their support, and their good wishes, specifically for my wife, Kirron, at this time. I hope you continue to accompany me on my trip and future projects.

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We adore Kher for his role in New Amsterdam, we already knew the Indian actor, who is also a true Bollywood star, for his work in Sense8 and the Oscar-winning The Good Side of Things.

Since his character does not die in season 3 of New Amsterdam and David Schulner, the showrunner has decided to opt for the resignation of Dr. Kapoor, the door could be left open for a possible return, even if only by way of cameo. However, neither the actor nor the team of the series has commented on this possibility.


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