New Amsterdam: Can We Expect A Spin-Off?

Farwa Raza

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  • The team behind the hit NBC medical series plans to do up to five seasons. At the moment, you can see the first two on Netflix, where it has been among the most-watched for several weeks.

New Amsterdam has become the medical series of the moment. Since its premiere on Netflix, hundreds of thousands of subscribers to the platform have been hooked on the adventures of the New Amsterdam Hospital doctors. At the moment, you have five seasons insured, but… Is there also the possibility of doing a ‘spin-off’ on the table? For its president, Paul Telegdy, there is “a lot of potentials” for this.

In January 2020, after an executive session, Telegdy confessed that he could “imagine a whole world around New Amsterdam. ” According to Deadline, there are no conversations about it, although the team members are open to creating a ‘spin-off’ This is because they see it as a great possibility to delve into the characters and stories of the medical series.

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Everything indicates that the series starring Ryan Eggold has a great future ahead of it. In Spain you can only see the first two seasons, but, on the other side of the pond, the third season has already been released and has confirmed two more. In this latest season premiere, Max and his team will have to remain optimistic as they grapple with a pandemic that has exposed huge inequalities in the healthcare system. Max is not content with fixing a broken system. He is determined to change it for something better.

Now, the question that many fans of the series ask is when it will arrive on Netflix. It is not known, although if we look at how the premiere of the other seasons in our country has worked, we could expect its debut in the summer months. Possibly the Amazon platform will premiere season 3 of New Amsterdam before Netflix.

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