New Amsterdam: Perfect Episodes To Watch If You Are A Newbie

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The Ryan Eggold-starring medical drama recently premiered on Netflix and has become a huge hit.

The cases that Dr. Max Goodwin faces in New Amsterdam have managed to attract millions of viewers after his arrival on Netflix in our country. It is not only about the stories with patients, the magic of the medical drama lies in the charisma of its protagonists and the relationship with the rest of the characters.

Not sure if the fiction starring Ryan Eggold is for you? Well, try these episodes first, which are considered the best of the series. Notice! As you can imagine, in this article there are ‘spoilers’ of fiction. As will happen to you if you decide to try your luck with these chapters. You may find out things ahead of time, but, you may be hooked forever. And if you find that you don’t like it, try another Netflix series.

‘Moon’ (1×22)

The end of the first season is considered the best episode of the series. The chapter cleverly deals with the difficulties faced by people who work in the American public service, especially when it comes to health insurance. It also includes a very well-covered storyline on PTSD. But most of all, what got viewers hooked was that final twist.

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‘The New Normal’ (3×01)

Season 3 of New Amsterdam premiered on March 2, 2021, post-pandemic. For a medical drama, it is not surprising that the writers decided to focus a chapter on how the medical team deals with the coronavirus – just like they did in Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor. As the medical team is recovering from the pandemic, a plane crash lands in the East River.

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‘Six or Seven Minutes’ (1×10)

In ‘Six or Seven Minutes’, Max fights for his life, while the whole hospital looks for him and, progressively, hears the news of cancer he suffers. His colleagues try to keep the bar as high as Goodwin has taught them and put the welfare of patients above economic reasons. This episode focused on Maxis, for many, the sweetest and most beautiful of the series.

‘Your Turn’ (2×01)

The beginning of the second season is also highly rated among fans of the medical drama. In this installment we find Max trying to get his life back three months after suffering the accident and after the birth of his daughter. The return of New Amsterdam pleased the fans a lot, mainly because of its emotional part, something very important in fiction.

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‘This Is Not The End’ (1×21)

Another chapter that you should see to know if New Amsterdam goes with you is ‘This Is Not The End. This time we see Max at his best as he confronts the hospital administration after presenting his new plan for patients who do not have insurance. The social and demand side of the American healthcare system is very important in the medical drama and this episode sums it up very well.

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