New Amsterdam Season 3 Has A Huge Character Dispress

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New Amsterdam is an audience magnet on Netflix with its first three seasons in the United States, this medical serial is already well advanced in the weekly broadcast of its third season through the NBC channel, which is counting on producing at least two more seasons of the events of this public hospital.

In fact, this season, which began airing on March 2, has shaken up some elements of the series considerably, starting with the cast. New Amsterdam says goodbye to some performers in its third season while welcoming new ones. As this traffic of health professionals implies plot spoilers, we warn you in case you want to stop reading the news at this time.


New Amsterdam has been one of the first series to incorporate the covid-19 pandemic into its development. It has done so from the first moment of the third season, even using it as a tool to release one of its protagonists from fiction, suffering from another type of tragedy in real life.

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We refer to Dr. Vijay Kapoor, who in the first episode of the third season appears seriously infected by the coronavirus, which puts the life of the head of neurology at New Amsterdam hanging by a thread. However, his final release from the hospital (and the series) will occur a few episodes later.

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Anupam Kher, the actor who plays Kapoor, has had to distance himself from New Amsterdam because of a personal tragedy: the treatment that his wife, the actress Kirron Kher, is receiving for blood cancer. The actor would have left his job on the series to be with her.

To change course with good news, we can also report that New Amsterdam will incorporate a new doctor in the third season. Specifically, to Dr. Lyn Malvo, the new head of the Hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who is played by actress Frances Turner.

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