New Amsterdam Season 4: Unexpected turn for Helen in the 17th episode of the NBC drama

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New Amsterdam Season 4: Unexpected turn for Helen in the 17th episode of the NBC drama

After the events that occurred in episode 16 “All Night Long”, where some lives of the members of the New Amsterdam team were on the verge of death and for others their future is still uncertain, the next episode paints a not very clear picture for Helen (Freema Agyeman). Spoiler alert!

Se va Helen de New Amsterdam?

What promised to be a night with friends, some drinks and even karaoke turned into a disaster that could leave out some characters from New Amsterdam in episode 17 of this fourth season, where everything points to the story of Dr. Helen Sharpe (Agyeman) could be coming to an end on the NBC show.

The episode is called “Unfinished Business”, and we see Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) attending to Helen who is unconscious on the floor and takes her to the hospital with a scowling face, very worried. However, there is no information or statement from the producers of the series that indicates the departure of Agyeman’s character for this season, much less if they have already announced that the next installment will be the last, and separating this beautiful couple at this point would be cruel and baffling to the public.

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Likewise, in this same episode, another four characters from the New Amsterdam team had their fate obscured or had not seen each other, so it may also be a new proposal from the cast, either to say goodbye or to welcome new figures that join the NBC hospital family.

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This season 4 of New Amsterdam, the love story between Helen and Max is what keeps the tune high, since it is a couple that we saw grow from various points of view, as colleagues in the first episodes of the series, where respect was protagonist and recognition for their work was always present. Then came the friendship and trust, which was weaving between the two a particular but very solid relationship. Now in this fourth installment after that passionate kiss in the hallway, there is much hope for this pair of doctors.

In fact, in the synopsis of episode 17 they say that “Max and Helen discuss options for their future”, which seems to affirm that Helen will survive whatever she has faced and for which Dr. Goodwin ended up tearing us apart with his expression of concern for the well-being of the being he loves.

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