New name for Addison Rae? That’s what she wanted to be called

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Almost everyone knows the name Addison Rae these days! The TikTok star now wanted to be called differently and explains why!

Addison Rae surprises friends and family with a new name

Addison Rae keeps surprising fans with things that no one would have expected from her. Just recently the TikTok star dropped her first own single “Obsessed” and showed everyone how good she can sing and dance. Shortly before that, Netflix cast Addison Rae for a cult remake. The high school romance “She’s All That” is being remade and Addi has landed the role of a famous influencer who is supposed to make the biggest loser in the school the king of the ball because of a bet. In the remake, the roles are reversed compared to the original, which is why the film will also be called “He’s All That”. In an interview, Addison Rae has now revealed that she would like to be called differently by her family and friends.

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Addison Rae: That’s what she wanted to be called

Addison Rae wanted to be called “Padgett” by family and friends while filming. Like her role “Padgett Sawyer” in the Netflix remake! A fairly well-known acting method that she wanted to use to empathize with her role. “I’m determined to prove how seriously I take things,” she told Bustle. “It’s something I’m working hard on and hopefully I can prove myself to these people.” Addison Rae wants to show that she is much more than just a TikTok star. Becoming an actress was her greatest dream when she was a child. Now it is finally coming true and of course, she wants to do everything right. We firmly believe in them!

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