Nick Jonas Hospitalized After An On-Set Accident!

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Nick Jonas, hospitalized after suffering an accident while recording his next show

Singer and actor Nick Jonas suffered a small mishap last Saturday night, May 15, during the recording of a new program that would have forced him to go to the hospital.

The little brother of the ‘Jonas Brothers’, Nick Jonas, is a world-renowned star. Since he released ‘Spaceman’, his solo single, he hasn’t stopped for a second.

He is currently working on the show ‘La Voz’ in the United States and will also host the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. we cannot forget that he is part of the ‘Jonas Brothers’, the group he has with his brothers. But not all are good news. According to the media ‘ TMZ ‘, Nick would have suffered an accident last Saturday, May 15.

Is that the details of this accident are hardly known since they have not wanted to reveal the causes or the injuries that the singer has suffered. What is known is that it happened while he was working recording a new program which is completely unknown.

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The secrecy surrounding this new project is such that no details are known, although the accident forced the artist to be transferred by ambulance to one of the closest hospitals.

‘TMZ’ has explained that luckily the singer has been discharged recently, so he is already at home resting and that he will be able to appear, as planned, in the program ‘La Voz’ since Nick is one of the program’s coaches.

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It is not the first accident suffered while working

It is not the first time that the singer has suffered an accident while working. In 2018, he suffered an injury to his hand during one of his training sessions to give a show in Mexico.

What is clear is that in recent days the filming of new projects in Hollywood is becoming a high-risk profession, also knowing the accident of actor Robert de Niro while filming his next film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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