Nick Jonas: Why Is He Admitted In Hospital?

Farwa Raza

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A tragic special the Jonas Brothers announce the show in which Nick would have crashed

The musician had to be hospitalized at this time.

In these last hours, the news that Nick Jonas suffered an accident for which he had to be hospitalized moved all the musician’s fans. The events occurred on Saturday night while the artist was conducting a rehearsal, and although it has not yet been confirmed what happened, it is now believed that it was during the next Jonas Brothers special.

Nick Jonas had to be hospitalized urgently on Saturday night, and although he had to spend several hours in the clinic where he was treated, it is known that the star has already been discharged and is currently resting at home.

Tonight, Nick Jonas should be present in the jury of “The Voice”, and although no one around him gave a statement, it is expected that the musician will appear during the program and can clarify the reasons for the incident.

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The Jonas Brothers return to the small screen.

But now new rumors seem to emerge about what could have happened, and everything points to the new special that the Jonas Brothers are recording for the next Olympics.

Exactly one day before the Olympic Games begin, the group of musicians will premiere “Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers”, a special program in which the three brothers will have to carry out a series of sports events with the help of real professionals.

On July 21, fans of the Jonas Brothers will be able to watch Nick, Joe, and Kevin go through different exercises that test their physical prowess. Of course, during the recording of the special, Nick Jonas would have suffered an accident that complicated his health, although the reasons are unknown.

Nick Jonas is also confirmed as the next host of the Billboards Awards, which will be delivered this Sunday night the 23rd. It is expected to know which event corresponds to the trial that led to such an accident. Meanwhile, the producers of the Olympic special, which can be seen on the NBC channel, have already released the first official image.

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