Nikola Lozina incredibly thin: his “transformation” impresses, “and it’s not over”

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W9’s iconic reality TV candidate stood out on Instagram. After posting a photo, Nikola Lozina received many messages congratulating him on his big weight loss.

A new man! Although he separated from Laura Lempika at the start of the year, Nikola Lozina does not intend to let go. On the contrary, he challenged himself to lose weight. And the result is clearly visible as Internet users were able to see on Wednesday May 10, 2023.

The year 2023 has started badly for Nikola Lozina. In early January, its subscribers and those of Laura Lempika learned that the two reality TV candidates had separated. “After five years of living together and sincere, authentic love, we decided with Laura to separate by mutual agreement. We will remain a parent couple for our wonderful son. Our will to Laura and myself is to stay tuned and present for each other“, he had written on Instagram.

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Since then, the charming brunette has left Dubai for Belgium to carry out his professional projects, in order to offer a bright future to his son Zlatan. And, between two projects, he got it into his head to lose weight. Thus, he approached the company La Maison duweight to help him achieve his goal. We imagine that he is followed by a nutritionist in order to guide him in his meals. And it pays!

Nikola Lozina impresses

On Wednesday, Nikola Lozina posted a story on which he appears standing, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. Very quickly, he received many messages from Internet users, amazed by his weight loss. “You have slimmed down really well, congratulations”, “You have lost a lot of weight, keep it up”, “You are back to how you were before, keep it up”, “wow, you have lost a lot of weight“, we were able to read in particular thanks to screenshots shared by the father of the family.

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In full transformation and it’s not over. You will see this summer“, replied Nikola Lozina. A recovery that should do good to the young man, who often suffers from the distance with his son. Zlatan has indeed stayed with his mother in Dubai, while he is in Belgium. But regularly, he has it on the phone, in video and as soon as possible, they organize themselves with his ex-wife so that they can see each other in person.

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