Nina Dobrev and Shaun White: Relationship Timeline

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Nina Dobrev and Shaun White: Relationship timeline

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev started dating in early 2020. One year later, the couple is still going strong and seems to be having a terrific time together. Dobrev and White didn’t make their relationship official until they uploaded a funny selfie of themselves on Instagram in May 2020, according to Women’s Health. Rather suggested that she was about to chop White’s hair as they were quarantining together in the image. Of course, he looked horrified by the prospect. They demonstrated that their romance had stood the test of time months later when they were seen flashing some big PDA while on vacation in Tulum Via Us Weekly. They spent the holidays together as well, which they shared on social media. They’ve gotten a little more open to sharing bits of their personal lives with their followers since then. Nina’s 32nd birthday was also celebrated with a fun ’80s-themed costume party, and the two shared some amusing images of themselves suited up for the occasion.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White: Relationship timeline

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White’s Relationship Timeline

  1. March 2020: Nina and Shaun are first spotted together
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Los Angeles’ stay-at-home order took effect at the end of March. According to E! News, they were “spending time together,” but not officially dating. It’s unclear what their relationship is called at the moment, but that’s not unusual for Nina. Nina’s recent photo is unquestionably a BFD.

  1. Mid-April: They post a sneaky grocery-washing video

Nina produced an IGTV video a little over a month later demonstrating to followers how to wash groceries during the epidemic, but she used Shaun’s arms instead of her own. He washes the goods, unscrews a bottle of juice, and attempts to convince her to drink it while she narrates the hand-washing video. Because of Shaun’s tattoo, some people assumed the two were quarantined together which everyone now knows they did and still are.

  1. May 2020: Nina and Shaun share matching #QuarantineCuts pics

To honor Shaun’s quarantine haircut, the two shared similar Instagram photographs. Nina went all-out on the cut, breaking his hair into chunks and combining it in a few different directions, as shown in a time-lapse video on Shaun’s Instagram.

  1. May 2020: The couple are living together amid quarantine
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According to Us Weekly, “Shaun and Nina have enjoyed quarantining and living together.” It is a tremendous match, and both players are quite energetic. They’re at ease in each other’s company and are both supportive of one another in their respective fields.” “Nina adores Shaun, and the two of them share a lot of laughs and think one other is hilarious,” the source continued.

  1. December 2020: They celebrated the holidays together

Nina appeared in a series of photos that Shaun uploaded on Instagram to celebrate the holidays, in case you missed the fact that these two are quite serious. Nina isn’t mentioned by Shaun, but in the last photo, she’s snuggled up to him in a collage of polaroids, which includes a photo of the two of them wearing Santa hats.

  1. January 2021: Nina said that she and Shaun began dating sooner than originally assumed

White shared a series of hilarious images to commemorate Dobrev’s 32nd birthday. He commented on Instagram, “Too bad we never have any fun together…” with winking, champagne, and party emojis. “Have a wonderful birthday, baby!” Dobrev shared a video of firing at a shooting range on her Instagram Story.

  1. June 2021: Dobrev’s show The Vampire Diaries
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The Olympian told exclusively about their first-anniversary party after binge-watching Dobrev’s show The Vampire Diaries. He explained, “I wanted to recreate our first date.” I was able to persuade the owner to let us in. It was rather enjoyable to have the apartment to ourselves.” While enjoying their first party since the outbreak, the couple stood before a rainbow wall.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s whirlwind romance has soon turned serious. In February 2020, fans noted that the Vampire Diaries star and the professional snowboarder had shared identical photographs from a vacation to South Africa, sparking relationship suspicions. Shaun and Nina Dobrev recently made their romance public on Instagram. Shaun’s quarantine haircut was done by Nina, and the couple tweeted similar images of it. There were reports of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s relationship in March too.

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