Now You See Me 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Remember a few years back when four magicians together arrived on our screens? Yes, it was the summer of 2013. The magic-centric action-comedy show Now You See Me did so much with few expectations. With the help of a crackling screenplay and a charismatic cast, this film was a blast. It was featuring Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher. All of this when combined gave this film perfect magic and it was an instant hit amongst the audience. It gathered a humongous amount of $300 million at the worldwide box office.

The film follows the story of four magicians who call themselves the Four Horsemen. They use their magician specialties to be the Robin Hoods of society. All of them together pull off bank heists and robberies during performances. And then this was given as a reward to reward their audiences with money stolen from the rich. The first film also sees an FBI agent and an Interpol detective who are actually trying to track them down. The sequel movie sends the team to China, Macau and the chapters unfold in a similar way. Ever since its release in 2016, the third movie is always taking rounds.

The third film Now You See Me 3 will have come out with more magic in our life. Let’s further discuss the third part of the film in detail.

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Now You See Me 3 Release Data

This will come out as no surprise that we don’t have much information about Now You See Me 3 yet. Also, as per our research Now, You See Me 3 is in the early stages of production. In addition to that, Lionsgate has also been finally brought in as the writer of the show. And he will also craft the screenplay for their film.

Now You See Me 3 CONFIRMED to be in the works; The Four Horsemen to be  pushed to a whole new level | PINKVILLA
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We also know is that Ed Solomon will not come back to pen down the third film of Now You See Me. Part 2 of John M Chu has also left a vacancy for the director’s chair for the third movie. With all these new things happening, we can expect the story to be a slightly different version from what was initially planned. It’s been four years since Now You See Me 2 was released. Studio makers also want to fast-track the project. With that said, we are expecting to see the show Now You See Me 3 pick-up speed once the production speeds up.

Now You See Me 3 Expected Cast

One thing is pretty sure that the original cast from the previous movies will definitely make a return for another movie that is the third. That means we will see the return of Jesse Eisenberg as arrogant illusionist Danny Atlas, Dave Franco as sleight-of-hand specialist Jack Wilder, Woody Harrelson as hypnotist Merritt McKinney, and Mark Ruffalo as former FBI agent and leader of the gang, Dylan Rhodes.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any official update about the cast members yet. But we have heard certain rumors that MCU’s Doctor Strange may join the franchise of Now You See Me 3. Cumberbatch will likely have time to take the role in season 3 as they will have no time at least till 2022. There are also questions surrounding the rest of the cast of Now You See Me. There are names like Eisenberg, Caine, Ruffalo, Franco, Freeman, and Harrelson in the mix, our bet is that we can see some magical slots opening in Now You See Me season 3.

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Plot Of Now You See Me 3

Jesse Eisenberg remains quite enthusiastic about making Now You See Me. Although he is slightly worried about the audience losing interest in his world, as we said, he will put his every effort. As the movie has not been here for years, it’s troublesome for the audience that they will simply remember all the narrative acrobatics that has gone down over the course of the first two movies.

The first two movies followed the amazing travails of a band of criminal magicians. They are the ones who will assemble together and will be eventually recruited by powerful underground magic. It is a collective called The Eye To Pull Off. Even they are being relentlessly hunted by the Interpol and FBI. The last we saw was The Four Horsemen and some crazy twists with a thrash of some shocking revelations. It will further lead them into the world of The Eye they could have never imagined going to. In 3rd part, we are expecting to see the wily band of illusionists who will be officially invited into the fold. The third film of Now You See Me will also open up the world more and this will bring in a new set of characters.

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Talking of the film’s official announcement, Nathan Kahane president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group said:

“The Now You See Me franchise has been built on keeping the audience surprised and guessing. Any great magician knows you can’t keep doing the same tricks. And Eric (Warren Singer) and his team of illusionists have something special up their sleeve for this new film.”

So, this was all that we know about Now You See Me 3. For more updates on the movie stay tuned to our website. As we will keep on posting all the updates as they rolled out here. Keep following our website to read more articles like this.

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