Olga Dies Dreaming: Release date, cast And everything you need to know

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Olga Dies Dreaming: For a long time we have been seeing books turning into TV shows on a daily basis, but it becomes so much more when a rare book gets a TV adaptation even before it even goes to get printed. And that’s the exact case with the Olga Dies Dreaming series. The upcoming Hulu drama series is based on Xochitl and Gonzalez’s upcoming novel of the same name. The story follows the plot of Olga who is a Nuyorican wedding planning in New York City. She is someone who surfaces successes mask a darker interior.

Olga dies dreaming is both Gonzalez’s debut novel as well as a deeply personal one. Before receiving it in creative writing from the Iowa writers workshop, Gonzalez worked for about 15 years as an entrepreneur and strategic consultant in New York. And her experiences are portrayed in Olga, a character caught between the two worlds.

Anyone who is quite inquisitive for such shows that explore Latinx identity in 2021 then Olga Dies Dreaming is definitely going to be a must watch Hulu drama.

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Release Date For Olga Dies Dreaming 

As of now, Hulu has not announced any release dates for Olga Dies Dreaming because it is too early for that. As we mentioned above, the series will be based on a book that won’t even debut until early 2022. According to a report from Deadline, Hulu first greenlit series will be back on April 29, 2021 and Olga Dies Dreaming will get its first major casting announcement. Therefore there is plenty amount of time before the filming begins and once it happens we should have a clear idea of the premiere date.

Olga Dies Dreaming: Release date, cast And everything you need to know

Who is in the cast of Olga Dies Dreaming?

As of now the only cast member which is confirmed and announced is Aubrey Plaza who was also starred in Tv series like Parks and Recreation, where she played the role of April and lots more. Plaza will be the lead character in Olga Dies Dreaming. According to the reports from Variety, the character of Olga finds herself suffering in two different worlds. One is the elite world of New York City and the other neighborhood of Sunset Park where she actually grew up.

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The other characters of the series will include Olga’s brother Prieto, a Congressman representing their neighborhood, and their mother Blanca, a militant activist, and lots more. The casting for all these roles has not yet been announced or scheduled. So we can only get a clear picture of all the major characters once the book gets released in the second half of 2022. Till then all we can do is to wait and expect our favorite actors to be cast in the series.

The Plot of Olga Dies Dreaming

Again as we said, the book has not been released yet, so the plot of the Hulu drama series is still unknown and unclear. However, based on the previews and some excerpts we can get a basic idea of the story of Olga Dies Dreaming series. The story actually begins when the mother of Olga, Blanca who is also a member of the young lord’s activist group returns back to their lives for a reunion. This forces them to confront back some uncomfortable truths which were dug in the past and can now spoil the present situations. And all of this takes place in the days leading to Hurricane Maria, which is a once-in-century storm that cost about $94 billion damage to Puerto Rico.  And the story will further move on in its own aspects.

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For now, what we can do is to wait for the book or series release or any confirmation from the makers to give you a clear picture of the series. In that case, stay up to date with all the updates from our website as we will keep posting it here whenever there’s a new update on the series plot of Olga Dies Dreaming.


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