Olivia Wilde Wins a Major Court Victory over her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis

Samuel Edwards

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Olivia Wilde

The actress Olivia Wilde was very surprised, and not at all for the good, when last April she received a court summons from her ex-husband, Jason Sudeikis, in the middle of a public event in Las Vegas, no less than during the presentation of his new movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ at CinemaCon.

A man skipped the security protocols of the act and went on stage to deliver the envelope to an astonished Olivia, who, microphone in hand, tried to keep her composure and take the grotesque event as a joke. Later it would come to light that her former husband, also an actor and former “Saturday Night Live” humorist, had tried to pressure her to give up her claims related to the custody of her two children in common.

“Jason’s actions were aimed at threatening me and catching me off guard. He could have discreetly handed me those documents, but instead chose to do it as aggressively as possible. That Jason wants to embarrass me professionally and take our conflict to the public sphere is extremely contrary to the interests of our children”, assured the interpreter in a statement that she provided shortly after to the judge managing the litigation.

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That embarrassing scene may have contributed precisely to the victory that, this week, the American interpreter and director, who now maintains a hermetic romance with singer Harry Styles, has won over her ‘prankster’ ex-husband. The magistrate has determined that Otis and Daisy, eight and five years old, respectively, officially reside in California, where their mother does, and not in the state of New York, as their father intended.

In the document cited above, Olivia Wilde’s lawyers argued that Sudeikis’s hostile gesture towards his former wife was indicative of his unwillingness to collaborate in the face of a possible agreement for joint custody of the children. It was precisely that ugly detail, as the interpreter maintains, that led her to request that her children be considered citizens of Los Angeles for all purposes.

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