On My Block Season 4: Release Date Rumours, Cast, Trailer for Netflix teen drama

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A series that offered us three and a half years of serious studies of social issues, light-hearted laughs, and truly amazing and heartwarming friendships, On My Block, is finally coming to an end. The makers have finally announced that the fourth season of On My Block would be last and the final season of the series of On My Block.

The series On My Block was made under the Crazy Cat Productions and Netflix had taken the rights of distribution of the series. On My Block has also received Teen Choice Award for his exemplary storyline. All the three season of the series until now have been directed by Lauren Lungerrich, Jeremy haft, Ryan Shiraki and Valerie Finket. The story of the series was written by Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, Christopher Encell, Sonia Kharkar, Jamie Uyeshio and Aureil Rudnick.

The streaming giant Netflix has not announced the last season of the series but also a spin-off called Freeridge that will bring viewers a brand new squad who will be navigating through high school in the famous Los Angeles neighborhood.

At present, all we can do is wait for the final season to arrive and entertain us to the best. the show has also previously reviewed great reviews for its cast, fresh performances, and portrayal of the characters in inter-city life.

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On My Block season 4 release date

Finally, it’s a good news for the fans On My Block is coming up with its fourth season and it will be finally released on 4th October 2021. The last three seasons got dropped on the series in March but did not happen with the fourth season due to the coronavirus pandemic that disrupted the production schedule entirely. The filming for the series began in March 2020 and we got to know about that when Diego Tinoco posted his new hairdo picture in the series on his Instagram.

Diego Tinoco (@diegotinoco) • Instagram photos and videos

On My Block season 4 cast

The best news about On My Block season 4 cast is that all the main cast members of the series are expected to return back to the show. It includes Sierra Capri (American Skin) as headstrong group leader Monse Finnie, Jason Genoa (Logan) as maths whiz Ruby Martinez,Diego Tinoco (Teen Wolf) as gang affiliate Cesar Diaz,and Brett Gray (When They See Us) as geeky Jamal Turner.

According to the reports, Middle’s Jessica Marie Garcia is also going to return back as Ruby’s love interest Jasmine Flores. Peggly Blow who plays the role Ruby’s eccentric Abuela has been promoted to a series regular in the season 4.

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On My Block season 4 plot

There was lot to take in when the season 3 of the series ended. Showrunner Lauren said in a statement: “This has a different kind of cliffhanger than we’ve had in the previous two seasons,””This one’s really going to mess y’all up.”

The finale wrapped up with a two year time jump and during that particular time the main characters of the series had grown up apart and were quite busy in their own lives.

Now in season 4 we will expect the show to fill in all the gaps that we sai in the radical change for their lifelong friends. One of the biggest unanswered questions from the series include how Spooky apparently, got out of the gang life and is back to playing football. We are seeing Ruby and Jamal stuck in a distance that caused the two to stop speaking. So we are expecting to get answers to all these situations.

There was also some positive news, with Spooky seemingly shruggin off his gang to concentrate on his  girlfriend/wife who was expecting a baby. Actyor Julio Mcas is also not so sure if spooky is really on the road to redemption or not.

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He said in his statement with Seventeen.: “Now, I haven’t talked to anybody, but just knowing how this show goes, it can’t be that happy, right?”  “How do you afford that house? How do you support that girl? You know, is his family safe? He clearly got some tattoos removed, but I mean, how do you go from gang-banging to that in almost no time?”

In addition to that we have seen that show’s age rating had changed from a TV 14 to TV MA . So it directly hints at that season four will be much darker than the previous installments.

On My Block season 4 trailer

The trailer for the final season On My Block was released in September 2021. it was released exactly two weeks ahead of the season’s four release. This hints how serous the future of this final installment would be. Here you can watch the trailer for On My Block season 4:

The series On My Block season 4 is available to watch on Netflix. So this was all which we knew about the series, stay tuned to our websites for all the latest updates regarding On My Block series. Do let us know how much you liked the season 4 in the comments section below.


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