One Direction: Plagiarism Accusation On The Band Disappoint Fans

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One Direction: Violent plagiarism allegations from fans

One Direction had countless hits that were mega-successful. But now fans of the band are making blatant allegations of plagiarism. Some songs are said to have been stolen.

One Direction hits are really Steve Granitz.

One Direction: Those are the allegations.

One direction hits like “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Best Song Ever” or “Drag Me Down” are probably still in our heads years after their release. Now fans of the band are accusing some of their songs of plagiarism – and there is strong evidence of this:

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” Best Song Ever ” sounds suspiciously similar to ” Baba O’Riley ” from The Who
” Steal My Girl ” is similar to New Found Glory’s ” It’s Not Your Fault ”
“ Live While We’re Young ” sounds like “ Should I Stay Or Should I Go ” by The Clash
Their first hit ” What Makes You Beautiful ” is similar to ” Summer Nights ” from Grease
” Midnight Memories ” sounds like Def Leppard’s ” Pour Some Sugar on Me ”

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One Direction: Stolen songs, or not?

One Direction has been around for over 10 years. Did you steal that many songs during that time? In the music industry, a “ sample ” is used when some parts of a song are used for a new song. It’s not that unusual at all. However, the authors have to be asked for permission and any license fees have to be paid. If that doesn’t happen, there can be expensive penalties. But: songs of a genre often resemble each other by chance, because certain chords are strung together. This sometimes makes it difficult to decide whether the similar passages are coincidences or plagiarism. Some of the bands reportedly stealing 1D Song have already publicly said they don’t mind and are even honored that their songs were an inspiration for One Direction. So there doesn’t seem to be any litigation going on. Directioners celebrate their favorite songs one way or another. Liam Payne recently even raised hopes of a reunion.

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