One Punch Man Season 3: Will we have a third season in 2021?

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One Punch Man Season 3

It doesn’t matter if you are new to anime or have been an avid fan of the genre for years. If you haven’t seen  One Punch Man , you are missing it. The story revolves around Saitama , a superhero who defeats all his enemies with a single hit. Bored by his predictable success, he now searches for a worthy opponent.

The anime show features brilliant animation, vivid fight scenes, and dazzling satire. For these reasons, every year it becomes more popular. With Season 2 having concluded the way it did, you must be curious as to what the future holds. But don’t worry, we have the details you need.

When does the third season premiere?

One Punch Man season 2 premiered on April 9, 2019. After 1 2 episodes , the season came to an end on July 2, 2019. Interestingly, a television special also aired on April 2, 2019 .

The official Twitter account for the show written by ONE mentioned that the story doesn’t end here, and since then, fans of the series have been looking forward to the next season.

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However, the makers have chosen to remain quiet about Season 3 as of now. Since fans had to wait almost 4 years before getting Season 2, the show could take its time before giving us the next installment.

Additionally, reports mention that the coronavirus pandemic has widely hampered the anime’s production capabilities. Aside from this, fans want former season 1 director Shingo Natsume and his team to return for season 3.

With this information in mind, we expect One Punch Man season 3 to launch sometime in 2022. You can watch Madhouse season 1 on Netflix and part 2 by JC Staff on official sites like Crunchyroll.

What is One Punch Man 3 about?

In season 2, the Monster Association dominates the story. However, there are still many things that we do not know about them. Season 3 could give us more information on these creatures. Additionally, Elder Centipede is also defeated by Saitama in the season 2 finale.

In that regard, we hope Genos wo n’t be seen frequently in season 3. It’s also likely that Saitama’s lack of screen time will just continue. If the manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata is any indication, then it seems that season 3 will be primarily concerned with the Hero Association and the attack they launch against monsters.

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One can expect prominent S-Class heroes to infiltrate their enemies’ hideouts and also engage in combat. Other than this, characters like Child Emperor , Atomic Samura i, and Garou could become the center of attention.

More monsters can also be introduced. Saitama is expected to go on these missions in secret. Another possibility is that Saitama and Garou have an epic showdown and the latter could become a worthy opponent for our superhero after ingesting monster pills.

Regardless, One Punch Man is known for its raunchy comedy, non-stereotypical narratives, and action-packed scenes, and this is something that will not change for the foreseeable future of the famous superhero series .

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