Orlando Bloom Says He Shouldn’t Have Taken Fame “So Seriously”

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Quick Pickup:

  • In the early 2000s, Orlando Bloom became one of the most famous actors of the moment.
  • Now, the Briton has spoken about how he managed fame then. All the details in the video.

Orlando Bloom has been triumphing on the big screen for more than two decades with great titles behind him. The actor’s first big opportunity came from the hand of the trilogy ‘ The Lord of the Rings ‘ where he was chosen to give life to the elf Legolas.

But, also, he appeared in another of the great film sagas of the early 2000s, ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean ‘ where everyone remembers his performance as Will Turner.

Two characters marked Orlando’s career and made his fame rise to the top. Now, the Briton has offered an interview where he reflects on his career.

“I see a lot of corpses around me, a lot of races that end very quickly,” he says while looking back at the past. “More than 20 years have passed and I am still here.”

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Although, when he asks him about what he would recommend to his 20-year-old self, he assures that he would tell him not to take fame ” so seriously “.

“In terms of preparing my younger self for ‘fame’, I would honestly tell him that you can’t take those things seriously,” explains Orlando Bloom.

“And you can’t let that stop you from living your life. There was a window when I was in my twenties when we didn’t have Facebook or Instagram or anything, but there was still a lot of warmth and attention on me,” she recalls of her years of greatest exposure.

” I became very good at hiding because I was really, painfully, trying to live, without being looked at all the time,” he says.

“I would say to my young self, I just appreciate and enjoy it, and I know that today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s fish and chips role, especially with those kinds of [celebrity] magazines,” he says.

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Also, Orlando comments that this experience applies today: “I had this great opening when I was twenty years old and now I have this chapter that could be even more exciting due to the lessons learned.”

“I was never malicious, I was not trying to take or hurt anyone, I was just trying to live my life. But that degree of fame … I don’t have many people I can talk to about it,” he concludes.

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