Outlander: Sam Heughan spoke about how difficult it was to film the sixth season of the drama

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Outlander: Sam Heughan spoke about how difficult it was to film the sixth season of the drama

The episodes of the sixth season of Outlander have been giving something to talk about among fans of the show due to the twists that have been occurring, however, the actor in charge of playing Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan, revealed during an interview that the production of This delivery that fans enjoy was not easy at all and for that reason many have been enjoying it, despite how disturbing it was for him.

Jamie Fraser made his first appearance on Outlander in the first season as the Highland Scotsman who fell in love with a time-traveling nurse, Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). After an incredible number of stories that both lived, they managed to finally settle down and create their community in the United States, called Fraser’s Ridge.

However, the pair lived a relatively normal life on Fraser’s Ridge, but things began to change in Outlander’s sixth season, when the installment introduced a member of Jamie’s past, Thomas Christie (Mark Lewis Jones). But despite their differences, they were allowed to stay with their two children, Allan Christie (Alexander Vlahos) and Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

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Sadly, Jamie and Claire never imagined that letting them stay in the community would bring so much trouble to them, turning their lives upside down in the midst of a looming revolutionary war. But, during an interview with actor Sam Heughan, he revealed the importance of this sixth installment and how difficult and disturbing it has been to film it.

During his interview with Men’s Health, Heughan talked about what it was like filming season six and admitted that it was intense. Because many production companies continue to apply biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on film sets:

“Outlander is a pretty intense and dramatic show. But behind the scenes we had a good time.”

“It is a very united family. We have to be, especially this year due to the pandemic.”

“But as we were shooting in winter in Scotland, which is very cold, so it was quite difficult, but a really good sense of humor gets you through it.”

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Although the sixth season of Outlander is much shorter than previous installments of the Starz drama, with only eight episodes, the reason why it has been done so is because of the pandemic and the time that had passed since viewers saw the fifth installment.

But, the same showrunner, Matthew B. Roberts, assured that Outlander fans will be rewarded for season 7 of the drama, because it is planned to film at least 16 episodes, which would make it the longest of all after of the first installment.

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