Outlander Season 6: Actress spoke about her character’s return after death

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Outlander Season 6: Actress spoke about her character's return after death

Outlander, the historical drama of the Starz broadcast network that airs on Sundays every week with its season 6, will return to the screens on April 24 with the seventh installment, as it approaches the conclusion of this part of history which involves Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), in the midst of political, religious and cultural tribulations, typical of the time set in the eighteenth century. (Spoilers for episode 6).

With Outlander season 6, fans of the riveting fantasy and romantic drama saw the arrival of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) at the settlement founded by the Fraser family. She and her family, also made up of her father Tom (Mark Lewis Jones) and her brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos), were accommodated in the community under the terms of the Sam Heughan character.

However, a few episodes into her first appearance, Malva Christie was found by Claire with her throat slit in the garden. It was in the most recent installment of the Starz series, that the vile murder of the young woman was committed after confessing that she was pregnant.

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So far, Outlander has not revealed who Malva Christie’s killer is, but some members of the community suspect that Jamie or Claire could be involved in her death, since the latter slapped her when the young woman swore that the The son she was expecting was the husband of the healer played by Caitriona Balfe.

The truth is that the mystery surrounding Malva’s death in the Starz television adaptation will continue to unfold in the final two episodes of season 6. But, despite her death, the actress who plays the character recently revealed that she is not it might be the last time fans see her in the series.

Jessica Reynolds said that after Malva’s death in episode 6 of the sixth installment of Outlander, there is a possibility that fans will see her character again through flashbacks or dream sequences. The actress confirmed that in addition to the scenes that she has appeared in so far, she also filmed some stories that season 6 has not shown on screen.

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“There could be some flashbacks, maybe some things that we filmed,” the actress told Express. Asked by SheKnows about more Malva scenes, Reynolds added, “Yes, some have been filmed. [sonríe] That may or may not come later. We just have to see.”

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