Outlander Season 6: Release Date? Cast And Other Updates?

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Outlander Season 6: When it opens, story, cast, and details.

The series with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe is a difficult phenomenon to classify. The production, which adapts to one of the best-selling novel sagas in history, will continue with a new season.

Outlander is a phenomenon of audiences, sweeping there on the platform on which it is broadcast. The Starz show has been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, indefinitely delaying its premiere and making it difficult to shoot, but those responsible have released a message of hope: we will have a sixth season and the seventh batch of episodes has been confirmed. What will happen in the new episodes? What characters will return and what will be the books to adapt? We tell you everything we know about the sixth season of Outlander in a report that we will update gradually.

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Release Update.

Outlander has been hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. The vast majority of television productions, films, and large motion pictures have been caught in a loop of delays and changes in schedules and calendars in their filming. Typically, a series of this nature takes about a year before it starts rolling and premieres on its channel or platform, and in fact, Outlander should already have premiered its sixth season under normal conditions. However, it started filming last February – a delay of almost five months from what was planned – so it is most likely that you will have to wait until the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 to enjoy the new chapters. The next season will have a total of 12 episodes, just like the fifth season. “I’m not sure of the exact dates at this time, but I think it could be the same,” explained the great protagonist of the show, Sam Heughan. The wait will be long, yes, but its creators want to put all the meat on the grill and return along.

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Cast and crew.

In the sixth season of Outlander, all its great stars will return. The Starz series has built a strong and celebrated cast throughout its seasons, and the sixth series of episodes will be no exception. That is, we can count that Caitriona Balfe will return as Claire, Sam Heughan as Jamie, Richard Rankin as Roger, and Sophie Skelton as Brianna. In addition, we will have Jessica Reynolds, Alexander Vlahos, and Mark Lewis Jones, new faces, who will be the main additions to the cast of Outlander in these borders embodying the Christies. Matthew B. Roberts will continue to serve as showrunner and head of the series.


Outlander has not yet distributed new trailers for its sixth season, it is still being filmed, but they have aired a little ‘behind the scenes’ special about its filming.

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