Outlander Season 6: The story that was difficult to bring from book to screen

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Outlander Season 6: The story that was difficult to bring from book to screen

Outlander, the historical fantasy drama that follows the life of 1940s time traveler Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and her romance with 17th-century Scotsman Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), premiered its season 6 the first days of March promising a lot of television drama with the new story that involves not only the main characters, but also the whole family, which is immersed in a time full of social and political conflicts.

It was on March 6, when the sixth installment of Outlander hit fans’ screens with the first episode on Starz, showing Claire as she deals with the trauma caused by the ordeal at the end of season 5. , when she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a group of men led by Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy), after he discovered that the healer had been sharing medical advice and recommendations under the pseudonym Dr. Rawlings, using her 20th century skills .

Season 6 of eight episodes of the series inspired by the saga of Outlander novels, featured Claire crafting ether to soothe the pain left in her soul by the brutal rape. Fans who have read the play know that the Starz television adaptation is deviating from the character’s original story. In this sense, the executive producer of the series, Maril Davis, recently admitted that this was something that the writers had to struggle with in order to bring it to the screen.

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You have to be aware that Claire has faced her fair share of challenges throughout the show’s run, but what happened at the end of Outlander season 5 changed her life completely. Fortunately, she has the support of her husband Jamie, but it seems that this was not enough to ease and forget what happened to her. In the words of the executive producer, they are hoping that with the story of the sixth installment, justice is being done for the character of Caitriona Balfe.

Maril Davis reveals that Outlander writers struggled to unravel this Season 6 storyline, as Lionel’s assault on Claire left her with permanent and hard-to-erase scars. Her self-medication with her ether represents a departure from the books and therefore to show it on the screen they had to discuss it many times. This explained Davis to Express:

“That’s something we talk about a lot as we get closer to season six because in the books, Diana [Gabaldon, escritora de las novelas]he doesn’t deal so much with the aftermath of Claire’s attack. Part of that could be, and everyone who’s been through trauma like this, it’s just as important as everyone else’s.”

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And it is that Davis also pointed out in the same interview, that although all the characters in Outlander have gone through any type of horrible trauma involving rape, because of what happened to Claire, the production felt that she had become another character and Therefore, they had to find a different way to adapt it for the series. He went on to tell the executive producer the following:

“We had a hard time figuring out how to tell that story without delving into Claire’s post-traumatic stress. I’m not trying to say Diana didn’t deal with it, but maybe it wasn’t as significant early on as we hoped.”

“In previous seasons, Claire as a doctor has always been able to compartmentalize very well, we will see her start to break down a little more this season. People experience it in different ways, we tried to find a unique way to show that, and I hope we did her story justice because I’m so proud of that story and how Caitriona played her.”

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