Outlander: What we suspected of the departure of actor David Berry from the successful series

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Outlander: What we suspected of the departure of actor David Berry from the successful series

It seems like only yesterday that Outlander fan favorite Lord John Gray finally entered the series and Jamie and Claire’s radio. David Berry has been a part of Starz’s Outlander since 2016, but unfortunately his time on the series is over, at least for now.

Actor David Berry confirmed his departure from Outlander in a no-frills, no-frills post on Instagram. In it, the actor said he doesn’t like “farewells,” and also shared a look at himself and Jamie Fraser actor Sam Heughan on May 2, 2020 (a while ago).

At first, it seemed like David Berry was simply saying goodbye to the series’ final season, especially as his character is leaving the show to return to England. However, in the post, the actor also answered some questions from fans about his departure, seemingly confirming a longer-term goodbye for the character. In fact, when asked by a fan if he wanted to say “goodbye for this season,” he explained, pointing out what many feared.

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While Outlander has made a lot of notable changes from the previous series, there are still some big plotlines that Lord John Gray is a part of in Diana Gabaldon’s books. Some of these plotlines could be easily resolved, particularly the relationship between William and Jamie. In fact, during what now appears to be Lord John Grey’s final episode, the character talked to Jamie about going to England, which would be an easy way out for a character. However, the program set things up so there was a chance to return to Virginia one day.

Lord John Gray is a very popular character in the universe. He is so popular with fans that Diana Gabaldon wrote a whole series of spin-off novels about the character. Over time, there have been rumors of a spin-off series and more. Many don’t imagine that the writers simply want to remove the character, but with no word on a scheduling or money feud, it’s hard to know why this is happening now or if maybe the character will actually return later on, but there are no plans yet.

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David Berry has to know the arc of the character, right? He also seems to be quite friendly with his co-stars. Maybe it was just time for something new. Again, there are many possibilities behind the output at this point. What is surprising is how little fanfare there has been behind David Berry’s goodbye.

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