Overlord Season 4: Renewal Status and Release Date

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Overlord Season 4

Lord is a dark fantasy anime series, which is a Japanese adaptation of Kugane Maruyama’s light novels. The illustrator of the series is So-Bin, while the director is Naoyuki Itou. The anime series has three seasons and fans are looking forward to another season. But nothing is confirmed so far. In July 2015, season 1 appeared on the screens, after two more seasons. Season 2 premiered in January 2018. And season 3 premiered in July 2018. The series received positive reviews from the audience.

Production for the show is through Madhouse. In addition, Funimation licenses the series for international broadcast. Season 1 consisted of 13 episodes and followed the light novel series from 1 to 3. Additionally, two compilation films also appeared on screens in February and March. In the film’s finale, Season 2 was confirmed, as Overlord II.

Overlord Season 4: Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date has not ended yet. There are no confirmations for season 4, we are still waiting after Overlord III for another upcoming season. But season 4 will probably make its way sooner or later. As the series follows the light novels, much remains to be covered. Official announcements may be making their way in mid-2020. Until then, we can see all three exciting Overlord seasons!

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Overlord Season 4: Cast

The voice cast for Overlord season 4 is still unknown. But, we hope the voice cast from previous seasons will reprise their roles.

  • Satoshi Hina voices Momonga’s character
  • Yumi Hara voices Albedo’s character
  • Sumire Uesaka voices the character of Shalltear Bloodfallen
  • Manami Numakura voices the character of Narberal Gamma
  • Masayuki Katou voices the character of Demi Urge
  • Yumi Uchiyama voices the character of Mare Bello Fiore
  • Emiri Kato voices the character of Aura Bella Fiora

Overlord Season 4: Plot

In the previous season, we witnessed how Ainz finds the Sorcerer Kingdom, along with Albedo. Furthermore, the other NPCs also promised him their alliance. But Ainz seems to have a hard time managing the Kingdom, and we have Albedo volunteering to help as the right hand. Speculation is that in season 4, Albedo will train the Elder Leeches to be public servants of the Kingdom. We can also see her getting involved in the political affairs of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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If we go according to the previous seasons, the next season will start from the end of season 3. It can cover volumes 10 to 12. Also, we may see Ainz’s character development in season 4. They can also new additional characters appear. Be a part of the upcoming season, along with more fantasy action scenes.

The Overlord premise follows the life of Ainz, a gamer. As you play, you are inside while the game servers are shutting down. It is located in Nzarick, the game world. Pursue conquests after conquest to dominate the world. Previous seasons of the series followed Npheria and Enri in Carne Village. The revelation

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