Owari No Seraph Season 3 Release Date and Everything we know so far

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Owari no seraph season 3 is one of the most highly anticipated series by fans of the manga. The series in plain English means English Seraph of the end. It is an adaptation of Japanese manga. As the manga series earned popularity across the globe, the production for the anime started. The first installment of the series made it quite famous, but the second season was not up to the mark. Still, most of the fans are now waiting for season 3 of Owari no seraph.

The initial two seasons of the show were broadcasted in 2015. At present we have no idea about the impending seasons. But the anime series has taken a long interruption and hole before the debut of another season. This makes us trust that the third season will be reported soon. As of now, the seraph’s delivery date has not been declared yet. But what we know as per the few locales, that show will show up towards the finish of 2022.

Owari No Seraph Season 3 Release Date

It is almost 2022 ad we have no information on the Owari No Seraph season 3 release date. In fact we have heard news that fans are filing for a petition to the web again but there is no information from the official sources.However, we are still very sure that we will be getting a sequel for sure.

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The first two seasons of the show were created by the 41 chapters of the manga series. 53 of the chapters from that volume have been already published. So there is still some content left for other story writer to prepare a good script for the anime. With all of the content left, writers still can create a new season of the show.

Additonally, the production studio wants to work close to perfect and want to make this anime the most popular one ever in the world. The series is written by Takaya Kagami. The second season of the show also ended with so many questions related to the release of the third instalment. But even after all this, we still have no official confirmation from the sources whether we are getting a new season or not.

Narrative summary

We can begin the show by naming the main character of the anime that is Yuichiro Hyakuya and Michaela Hyakya. The story is a fantasy series and Michaela is a vampire. Meanwhile Yuichiro is doing his all best to find how to turn the vampire back into a human. The anime series is a personal drama about two people or two close creatures. In the story, their friendship is developing against the backdrop of the vampire attack on the Tokyo.

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Now, the task to fight off the attack has been given to the Resistance Force. This is sent to the city of Nagiya to join the other reinforcements. Neverthless they find themselves quite captured and our two heroes will emabrk on a dangerous trip to save their friends.

Comparison Between Two Seasons

The latest season had a high level of boredom, but we are sure that is not going to come again in the third chapter of the show. But we are also not sure whether we will be getting a new season in the near future or not. The original manga of the franchise is also the source of the series and is now coming out.

There are also some critics who are making some predictions regarding the possible launch timeframe after putting on the thinking cap. Accoridng to them, it is going to be the winter 2017. We can also expect the Owari no Seraph season 3 release date during the end of the year.

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Also, there has been no confirmation on the series as of yet, it is clear that we are not getting the trailer anytime sooner before an official announcement. So lets hope we get a official announcement from the showmakers soon and we get to see Owari no Seraph season 3 on our screens.

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