Oxygen On Netflix: To Stream Or Not To Stream?

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Alexandre Aja’s new film, starring Melanie Laurent, is now available on the streaming platform of the great Jan.

BEWARE, ‘SPOILERS’! The following news contains ‘spoilers’ for Oxygen.

Oxygen, Netflix’s new sci-thriller, is now available on the great Jan streaming platform. Alexandre Aja, director of The Hills Have Eyes (2005), takes a behind-the-scenes look at the film starring Melanie Laurent, whom you will remember for playing Shosanna Dreyfus in Inglourious Basterds (2009). The story of Oxygen follows Elizabeth Hansen, a woman who wakes up inside a cryogenic chamber and he does not know how he got there. The protagonist will not only have to find out what happened and where she is locked up, but she will also have a race against time when she discovers that oxygen is running low.

Throughout the film, Elizabeth manages to recall moments from her past with which she reconstructs her identity and what has happened to her to get there. If you’ve seen the film, its ending may have left you with some questions. Above all, who really is the woman whose adventure we follow throughout this story.

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One of the great revelations of Oxygen is that Elizabeth is not really on Earth. He is actually in space and on his way to another planet with the goal of colonizing it. Once we have established the place where the protagonist is, we have to discover who she is.

As Oxygen unfolds, the viewer discovers that Laurent’s character’s husband is a doctor – like her – named Leo. Everything indicates that he is dead. Memories of Elizabeth also appear in which the two can be seen working together in a laboratory.

After a series of ‘flashbacks’ and clues, the great revelation of the film comes when it is discovered that the protagonist is not really the woman of the memories and is, in fact, a clone to which the memory of the Original Elizabeth.

Thanks to the intelligence that accompanies her inside the cryogenic chamber, Laurent’s character is able to see a video in which an older Elizabeth appears giving a talk. In it, he explains that the experiments he has done show that it is possible to transfer memories from one body to another. Hence his clone has those ‘flashbacks’ about the life of the real Elizabeth.

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Finally, Laurent’s character is able to avoid dying asphyxiated by the lack of oxygen and, upon leaving the chamber, he meets the Leo clone -who was traveling in another chamber just like his own- on the new planet.

Malik Zidi ( Gloria ), Marc Saez ( Borgia ), Laura Boujenah ( Blockbuster ) and Cathy Cerda ( Mes jours de gloire ) complete the main cast of the film. On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

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