Ozark season 4 release date could be announced at Netflix’s TUDUM event

Iksha Tiwari

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With each passing day, Ozark fans are now losing their hopes at the possibility that the new season would come out sometime this year. That’s because Netlfix has been completely quiet about their popular crime drama throughout the year. While we initially predicted that Ozark season 4 could release its final part this winter season, now that chance seems to be getting diminished.

The streaming giant announced just this week that they will be hosting a three-hour fan event titled Tudum. If you don’t know that what it means then it is the signature noise Netflix users hear when they log on. On Sept 25, over 70 titles will be represented at the event which promises to give us news, trailers, and first looks.

When will the Ozark season 4 release date be announced?

Ozark Season 3 was premiered back in March 2020 and till now we have not received any information about the fourth season. The only thing which we know that is it will serve as the show’s last and it will be broken into two parts. fans are now understandably getting impatient and desperately wanting a timeframe for season 4.

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If the TUDUM event is revealing any information Ozark, they would have to start with the season 4 release date. And if they are planning to release part 1 of the final season sometime this year, then the clock is ticking. TUDUM could be the perfect time to reveal the Ozark season 4 release date. Even if the series is not coming out until 2022, this even could bring attention back to the series.

The Ozark season 4 release date could be announced in TUDUM, however, it is also possible that it won’t. Let’s hope that there’s really only one way to find out. Netflix already announced Stranger Things season 4 is coming in 2022, so why not Ozark Season 4.

Now let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official announcement from the makers or let’s hope the streaming giant gives us some hints regarding the release date.

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