Ozark Season 4: Why Netflix’s Drama Ending Disappointed Fans So Much

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Ozark Season 4: Why Netflix's Drama Ending Disappointed Fans So Much

Ozark, the criminal series that told the story of the Byrde family and that premiered on the Netflix platform in mid-2017, finally came to an end with the second part of season 4 that debuted last Friday, April 29 through the transmitter. However, fans of the hit series were disappointed with one specific point, as that was not what was promised. (Season 4 spoilers)

The mob show hit its final seven episodes last Friday and fans were treated to a glimpse of the Byrde husband and wife, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) on their quest for freedom during the Netflix drama’s finale. Likewise, they also witnessed the revenge of Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) against the cartel led by Navarro, for the death of Wyatt (Charlie Tahan).

There’s no question that the final season of Ozark answered a lot of questions that had fans on edge for so long. Plot twists and many surprises were part of the last few episodes, but that doesn’t mean viewers weren’t unhappy with the way it all ended.

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And it seems that Ozark fans felt that they did not receive what they really expected, since they had been promised that the crime drama would end with an unprecedented bang. This, despite the fact that the Byrde family finally managed to escape the control to which they were subjected by the Navarro cartel.

Ozark fans were devastated after Ruth was accurately shot by the new leader of the Navarro cartel, Camila Elizonndro (Veronica Falcón). But, what upset the most was when Marty and Wendy didn’t get what they really deserved. Without a doubt, this generated a lot of discomfort in some viewers, they already came out with flying colors after so many years hurting many people.

In this sense, when fans saw that the Byrdes got away with it at the end of season 4 of Ozark, they took to Reddit to express their discomfort with the way they concluded Marty and Wendy, after being immersed in the world of crime and the fact that everything has gone unpunished.

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Okay, Ozark had to have the most unsatisfying and dumb ending of any show I’ve ever seen. What a big disappointment.”

“As someone who was an avid fan of s1-3, this season is just complete b******t. Weak, boring, and unsatisfying.”

“What’s the point of having a fourth season if the Byrdes win it all and become a great family of philanthropists is exactly how season three was headed?”

“Why add Mel to the plot only for her to find out all the crap the Byrdes did and just die? Why all those subplots? Why Wendy’s father?

“Moral of the story: Don’t expect much from media shows. They just want your long sweet watch hours.”

“I can’t say the ending was bad, but I expected better after all the preparation. Do the Byrdes just win? Were they able to conveniently remove and dispose of any obstacles? Upset.”

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  1. Ruth Langmore would not just have pulled up to her house where there was a cartel car parked there, and waited around for someone to shoot her. As if.
    And the private eye, knowing how toxic the Brydes were , would not have waited around, waving the evidence in front of the Byrdes faces, waiting to be shot either. Duh.
    Not sure why the Byrde kids would do a 180 after resisting the machinations of their mother for so long- even IF Ruth was holding a shotgun to their grandad’s head. Seems that if Wendy’s dad was anything like Wendy he would have talked himself out of it like Wendy would, especially if he had a gun to his head. No wonder they couldn’t write that bit in- no way was that believable as that means he would have had to be truthful. Oh by the way grandkids, I forgot to tell you I am an arsehole. Right.


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