P-Valley Season 2: Likely Coming Out in 2022, Says Creator Katori Hall

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It’s been a while waiting for the next season of P-Valley, but finally we are getting some details on when it might return to us.

First released in July 2020, the Starz series follows the dancers at The Pynk, the only strip club in the fictional Chucalissa, Mississippi. Going with the basic knowledge about Tv premier dates, many fans are expecting P-Valley to return in 2021. However the creators of the Katori Hall has said that it would take a couple of years for the next season to come up on the screens. According to the statement it is suggested that P-Valley might not be back until 2022 at the earliest.

What katori Hall Said On The Expected Release Of “P-Valley” Season 2 

Under the normal circumstances, P-Valley probably could have been released earlier. But the schedule got impacted by the pandemic and the work on the series got extended. However the work on the second season will eventually begin but there are still lots of ways to go at this point of time.

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In a close conversation with Hall, IndieWire journalist asked for a status update about P-Valley Season 2. Katori Hall said, it wont take bunch of years for the show to return. However it might take at least 2 years. Hall said laughing.

She added. ” You know we have to wait for the things which are marinated for the goof. Also we are in the process of finishing up the write up. Today is our last in the writing room as well. So in short we are finishing up the last scripts and production will be soon around the corner.”.

What To Expect When P-Valley Season 2 returns? 

P-Valley left of with Autumn using the Montavius money to buy back the club in an auction. Thats where the casino developers were also hoping to bid on it. According to Katori Hall, fans can expect to see really big changes with her now she will be moved up now.

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“She cam in getting her on a smacked dance floor and now she has some kind of ownership in the club. The dynamics of the club have completely changed”. She told entertainment weekly, ” To see uncle Clifford and Hailey fight over the throne will be really a good stuff of legends”.

The P-Valley Season 2 can also expand beyond the borders of Chucalissa as Lil Murda and Mis Mississippi’s music career can continue to blow up.” It will be inevitable to expand the universe because the show is about how the strip club is a reflection of different people. The intersection of race, gender, class and all these things are just everywhere”. Hall said.

It also includes whatever happened to Montavius in the Paradise room, which Katori Hall teased will bond Autumn along with Uncle Clifford and Mercedes and that too “forever”.

Expected Cast of P-Valley Season 2 

Hall’s comments to entertainment weekly lets us aware about the expected cast of thr series which includes: Johnson (Autumn), Shannon Thornton (Ms. Mississippi), Brandee Evans (Mercedes), Annan (Uncle Clifford) and J. Alphonse Nicholson (Lil’ Murda). All these people will be back for season 2. As far as the rest of the cast is concerned it will icnlude actors like Parker Sawyers (Andre) whose character left mississipi at the end of first season. So for now it is unclear if they are coming back or not.

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We will surely let you know the further updates. In the meantime you can checkout P-Valley now on Starz.

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