Parasite Director ‘Bong Joon Ho’ Is Preparing A Korean Animated Movie

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Bong Joon-ho prepares an underwater animation film

The director of ‘Parasites’ continues to accumulate future projects; one of them will be his first animated film.

After sweeping the entire world with Parasites (2019), Bong Joon-ho keeps piling up new projects on the horizon. The last to join the pile will be his first animated film, a project in collaboration with the production company 4th Creative Party, responsible for the digital effects of great titles of recent Korean cinema such as The Host, Snowpiercer, Okja, Oldboy, Stoker.

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Bong will direct a CGI animated film set under the sea where the conflict between the civilization of underwater creatures and human beings will be dealt with. The protagonist will be one of those underwater beings that, despite being invertebrates, believes they have a herniated disc, according to Korean media.

Apparently, the director of The Host has already contacted a leading actor to give the film’s protagonist a voice, but his name has not yet been made public. In any case, this project whose script Bong has been writing for three years will not arrive until the filmmaker’s next film is finished: a drama shot in English based on real events from 2016 and possibly set in London.

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To these two projects, we remember that Bong has also mentioned on other occasions that he is preparing another film with elements of horror and action that he will produce and shoot in South Korea. Unsurprisingly, after the success of Parasites, he has no shortage of opportunities to take on new jobs; not to mention his role as President of the Jury at the next Venice Film Festival and as executive producer in the future miniseries of Parasites that HBO is preparing.

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