Parasite: New Details On The HBO Series

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New details on HBO’s Parasite series.

Will it be an original story?

Even before Parasites was the top winner of the 2020 Oscar, we learned about a series developed by the HBO network that would be based on the South Korean feature film. Award-winning director Bong Joon-Ho has since been reportedly involved in the television project alongside American screenwriter Adam McKay. Regarding its development, the latter provided new details in recent days and also specified what kind of relationship it will have with the film.

According to Collider, Adam McKay clarified in a recent interview that the Parasites series is being developed “at full speed” and that during the period of isolation – due to the coronavirus pandemic – he and Bong Joon-Ho were able to focus on establishing the fundamentals of the upcoming program.

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We’re just having a great time. We just built an amazing writer’s room, “McKay commented. ” I basically sketched the series with Director Bong during the quarantine, with him supervising .”

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It is an original series. It is in the same universe as the feature film, but it is an original story that lives in that same world «.

Between drama, suspense, and black humor, Parasites explored the way in which two South Korean families from diametrically different socioeconomic levels coexist, in this case, through deception and unusual situations. Last year, Bong Joon-Ho confessed that several of his ideas for the script did not make it into the film and suggested that much of that material would be taken up for the miniseries.

“I had all these key ideas accumulated since I started writing the script [for Parasites ],” said the filmmaker. “I just couldn’t fit all of those ideas into the two-hour movie, so they’re all stored on my iPad, and my goal with this miniseries is to create a six-hour ‘movie’ .”

According to Collider’s recent report, the script for the first episode of the series has already been completed. Additionally, Adam McKay declared himself lucky to be working “close to orbit” with Bong Joon-Ho.

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“Usually when I hear people say ‘I’m honored,’ it sounds silly to me, but I feel legitimately honored. And I’m having fun, “he said.

McKay has won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay thanks to The Great Bet (2015). His recent film credits also include The Vice President: Beyond Power (2018) and the upcoming feature film Don’t Look Up, which with a super cast will premiere this year on Netflix.

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