Parasyte Season 2 Is it renewed? Release Date Updates

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Parasyte Season 2

Parasyte (Parasitic Beasts) is a Japanese science fiction horror manga series written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki and published in Kodansha’s Morning Open Zōkan and Monthly Afternoon magazine from 1988 to 1995. The manga was published in North America by first Tokyopop, then Del Rey, and finally Kodansha Comics.

Parasyte -the maxim- Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there will probably not be a Parasyte: The Maxim season 2.

The plot of season 1 ends exactly where the manga ends, meaning there is no material left to adapt the story from.

So, it is highly unlikely that we will get a Parasyte: The Maxim season 2 unless the author decides to continue the template manga.

Parasyte -the maxim- Plot

‘Parasyte -the maxim-‘ centers around a teenage boy named Izumi Shinichi who has a very simple and peaceful life. He lives in a very safe neighborhood and avoids getting into any kind of trouble. But his normal life completely changes one day when parasitic aliens start taking over the world. In their physical state, these parasites are completely harmless and have a tiny worm-like appearance. However, these parasites can be very harmful once they manage to enter one’s brain through the nose or ears. While the rest of the world becomes a victim of these alien species, Izumi is somehow saved from the attack as the parasite that tries to enter his brain, gets buried in his arm, and retains its own physical space in his body.

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Parasyte The Maxim Season 2: Characters 

Some characters who leave a strong impression in our minds are worthy of recurring. If the second season of Parasyte occurs then the following vital names will be there:

  • Shinichi Izumi is a high schoolboy. He is human in every possible way and tries to protect other humans from parasites with the help of Migi.
  • Migi is a parasyte and resides in Izumi’s right hand. It is inhuman in every possible way and often threatens lives.
  • Satomi Murano is Izumi’s love interest (it is both ways here) and a good friend. She is a kind soul and tries her best to know what is bothering Izumi but to no avail. After discovering the truth, Satomi stays by Izumi’s side.
  • Yuko Tachikawa is one of Satomi’s friend.
  • Akio Suzuki, like Yuko, is Satomi’s friend. Both of them are the closest to Satomi.

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