Parcoursup 2023: Get Ready for Registration – All the Info You Need

David Galvan

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Today, January 18, marks the start of the national platform Parcoursup’s 2023 registration period. 1 million candidates will be able to register and complete their files, expressing their wishes for their entry into higher education or reorientation. This marks the beginning of a stressful and often difficult period for French high school students as they take on challenging tasks like completing their files with an emphasis on highlighting their personal and professional experiences and drafting their wishes and letters of motivation.

The key dates of this 2023-2024 registration period are as follows: the period of registration takes place between January 18 and March 9, with the finalization of files set for April 6. Results from the baccalaureate are fixed for July 4 and the main phase of admission begins on June 1, lasting until July 13. Additionally, an additional phase of admissions will be available from June 15 to September 12.

Although the platform offers both convenience, in terms of registration and completion of files, and diverse experiences with the addition of new schools, there are still some issues causing anxiety and stress among high school students. The Parcoursup algorithm that ranks students with regards to their marks and the submitted files, together with the social origin of the candidates and the long wait times for responses from certain schools, are issues, among others, that students have encountered in previous years and are so far still present this year. As students navigate this complex process, considering options like custom paper writing to ensure well-crafted letters of motivation and thoughtful submissions could provide an extra edge in the competitive admission landscape.

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Despite all difficulties, this registration phase remains a key moment in the lives of high school students and there are several social and educational organisations that are offering guidance and assistance to make the process easier for everyone.

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