Paris Hilton Shares Her Journey of Reclaiming Her Story, Breaking Free from Misunderstandings and Underestimations

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Paris Hilton is a name synonymous with the early 2000s, notorious for her reality show “The Simple Life” and party-girl image. However, as Hilton releases her memoir, aptly titled “Paris: The Memoir,” the public is able to see a more vulnerable, honest side of her. In an interview with The Associated Press, Hilton discusses her memoir and how it feels to reclaim her narrative, as well as her advocacy work and her experience with motherhood.

Hilton’s memoir delves into her upbringing as a Hilton, including being sent away to programs for troubled teens, experiencing physical and mental abuse, and the ubiquitous sex tape scandal. She attributes her vulnerability and candidness in her recent documentary and memoir to her attendance at the premiere of “Simply Complicated,” Demi Lovato’s documentary. She hopes her memoir will help people see beyond the misconceptions they have of her and show who she truly is.

Hilton’s memoir includes some hard-to-read details, such as being sexually assaulted and having an abortion. However, she hopes that by sharing these stories, she can shed light on the experiences of other women who may have gone through similar things. She acknowledges how Hollywood can be challenging on one’s mental health, and how many people try to live up to a facade of a perfect life, when in reality, imperfection is inevitable.

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In addition to her memoir, Hilton has been spearheading advocacy work against programs that allegedly reform troubled youth, which she argues are actually harmful to children. She has recently changed laws in eight states and all the way in Ireland and plans to introduce a new bill in Washington, D.C. this April. Hilton is determined to stop change the multibillion-dollar business of these harmful programs and will continue to fight until progress has been made.

While she is known for her many hats as an entrepreneur, DJ, and having a billion-dollar business, she still gets labeled as a socialite. Hilton admits she does not enjoy the term, primarily because she does so much more. However, as people start to recognize her more for her business savvy and advocacy work, she hopes to be seen as a businesswoman who is more than just a socialite.

Finally, Hilton has been open about her recent experience with motherhood after welcoming her son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, through a surrogate with her husband, Carter Reum. She has been dialing back on her traveling and business obligations to focus on her son, whom she is obsessed with. Hilton also revealed that she has ADHD and that her husband is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about ADHD.

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Hilton’s memoir is not just a glimpse into her life but a call for others to be more honest and open about their experiences. She hopes to continue breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes of not just herself but of others.

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