Pascal’s marital experiment fails on Married at First Sight: ‘It wouldn’t have worked’

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Pascal from Married at First Sight Shares Thoughts About His Experience

Pascal Wallace, a participant on the reality show Married at First Sight, caused quite a stir on the TV program. He has finally opened up about his experience with the show and his thoughts about the arranged marriage that didn’t work out.

The show promised participants that they would find their soulmate based on scientific personality tests and the expertise of the matchmakers. However, things didn’t go as planned for Pascal and his chosen bride.

Pascal reflects on his appearance on the show saying “It wouldn’t have worked at all.” Pascal claims that he was misled by the show’s producers and matchmakers, who he says didn’t take his personality traits and lifestyle choices into consideration when selecting his partner.

Married at First Sight has generated mixed responses from viewers, with some saying that the show is entertaining and others criticizing it for trivializing the institution of marriage. Some experts argue the practice of arranged marriages can work, but that it takes much more effort than in most cases than shown on television.

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Despite the negative outcome fo the show, Pascal says he has no regrets about his participation, and in fact, he has provided him with valuable life lessons.

“I learned many things,” he said. “The way to approach things, deal with them, and move on. It was a great learning experience for me.” Pascal continues to work on himself to get to a place where a relationship can genuinely work for him.

The final result of the show seemed to have been the correct fit for both Pascal and his partner. They both walked away with a greater understanding of what they were looking for in a relationship and how they want to grow in their personal lives.


The show may not have ended in marriage, but it did bring to light the issues that arise when randomly arranging two strangers to marry one another. Pascal has used this experience to grow and move forward in his journey of self-discovery which is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, he’ll meet the one soon based on more realistic circumstances.

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