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Patrice Godin

Patrice Godin is one of Canadian entertainment’s most handsome and established actors. He is known for a movie like Manigance: Notice Rogue, released in 2013. The 53-year-old actor has worked for at least two decades in the industry and made himself a massive fan following. He is a multi-talented actor who is not only good at acting but also a particularly good writer. He is also a concerned environmentalist.

Patrice has proved himself a capable actor by working in different genres of movies. If you look at his career, he has performed in many films and Tv series, all of which are quite different from one another. He also frequently appeared in TV shows in a guest role.

Patrice Godin Personal Information

Patrice Godin was born on 5 April 1968 in Lac-St-Joseph of Quebec, Canada, making him 53 years old. This city is famous for its numerous bays with points, weeds, islands, and other offshore structures, which help it make the best fishery point.

It has such a vast area to fish that you will never see the same fish and place for many days. This city is also heaven for birds and wildlife. It is home to more than 300 species of birds. Due to being born and raised close to nature, Patrice has immense love for nature and wildlife.

Patrice has a beautiful pair of Deep and dark brown eyes, which is a distinct feature of his face. Patrice’s height is five feet and nine inches. Therefore, he is considered tall among the men. Being an actor with a good height has helped Patrice’s career. He is suitable for the role which requires a tall actor. Although he is tall, his height is under six feet. So even if the role requirement is average height, he is not screened out immediately.

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Patrice is Christian and belongs to the white ethnic group.

Patrice Family

There is no information about Patrice’s parents because Patrice does not want his family in the limelight. Other than his parents, Patrice has three children with his wife Nathalie Jobin in his family, whom he married in 2000.

Patrice Godin Workout

Aside from Acting, Patrice is also keenly interested in fitness. He is a firm believer that for a healthy body, a person needs to work on both body and mind. In one guest appearance on the show, Patrice mentioned that he has been doing intermittent fasting for years.

Patrice also creates awareness about mindfulness and a healthy body. He also hosts a retreat for fitness. Here he does not focus on performance and technique but on the exercise of mindfulness.

If we talk about Patrice’s favorite workout, it will probably be running ultramarathons. He runs for eight to ten hours in the forest alone with a backpack and water bottle.

He also likes combat sports and martial arts. Patrice wants to learn Jiu-Jitsu training. It is safe to say he is an adventurous person.

Patrice’s Net worth

Patrice has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. He has done various movies and TV series during this period. He also did modeling and commercials for different brands. 

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Although there are no exact figures from a credible source, we can say that Patrice has at least $5 million, which is impressive. 

Patrice Godin Career

Patrice Godin made his mark by first appearing in Le Sorcier in 2004, whose genre was drama, and it has 11 episodes. Later he appeared on Rene Leveque in 2006. It was a story of a former journalist turned politician who worked from 1958 to 1970. 

He was also cast in the hit Tv series “Grande Ourse, “aired from 2003 to 2005. Patrice Godin’s career has always been on the upward tick. Later he appeared in the Crime thriller series Manigance: Notice rouge in 2013, which again took his career to new heights.

Patrice Godin, a Novelist

Many people worldwide are unaware that Patrice is a good actor and a phenomenal Novelist. He has written novels like “Sauvage, Baby” and “Les Chiens.” Many describe him as an author who likes to experience danger. Because his novel is about a war hero in Afghanistan, he was inspired by the Canadian Special Forces, who are ready to venture into any situation.

Patrice called security forces “shepherd Dogs” who are ready to protect others around them without worrying about themselves. He found this occupation very noble and fascinating.

In his novel, you will find a description of a soldier suffering from psychological and physical war wounds throughout their life.

His protagonist Sam in “Sauvage, baby,” is also a soldier. Through him, Patrice decided to show how some people are doing gruesome cruelty to other humans because of their doctrine.

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Although being on the good side, Sam has to cross the line to save the women he loves, and for that, he murders someone. Also destroyed the proof by burning the bodies.

But even knowing that it was a necessary casualty to save a life, he is still haunted by the murder he has committed.

Patrice projects his loneliness in the character as he grows up in the countryside. He feels abandoned in the city and wants to return to tranquility similarly. Sam is also searching for peace.

Patrice has a strong view regarding polarity in society. He is concerned by the decision of people who have chosen to have President Trump, who supports radical thinking. He also openly condemns terrorist groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

He believes that discussion, dialog, and opening up to others will only bring society closer.

Godin is also ready for his next novel, “The Girl from the North .” it is the story of an 18-year-old girl Teresa who trained for survival as she goes to take refuge on a Norwegian island. At the same time, a sea monster appears on the bank of an icy water fjord. It will be a fantasy novel.

Bottom Line

It was all details about our beloved actor Patrice Godin, an amazing actor, and brilliant writer. This article is written to give fans all the information about Godin we can.

Hopefully, he will again do such a wonderful project so that we can again share that with you.

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