Paul McCartney Opens Up About Taking Risks with Solo Career After Beatles Split

Itziar Morte

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Paul McCartney reflects on taking a huge risk by embarking on a solo career after The Beatles’ breakup. In response to a question from a Twitter user about his biggest professional risk, McCartney said that he was uncertain if he should continue making music after The Beatles because it was a hard act to follow. He also mentioned that having Linda in Wings was a risk that drew negative reviews from critics. Despite that, McCartney and the band went back to the basics and played little spontaneous gigs at universities. He shared that he arguably had to start from scratch and earn his fame again, but taking that risk paid off.

McCartney is not a risk-taker by nature, but he had to take a big one after The Beatles called it quits. In contrast, his bandmate John Lennon was his “polar opposite” when it came to taking risks. Despite their differences, though, McCartney acknowledged that being around someone with such a different personality was part of the fun and attraction of being part of the iconic band.

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McCartney’s thoughts on taking risks and starting from scratch could serve as inspiration for individuals who are at a crossroads in their careers. Taking risks can be daunting, especially when one has achieved success in their current career, but as McCartney learned, taking risks can reap rewards.

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