Peaky Blinders: Cast member prepares for his new series with Disney +

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Peaky Blinders: Cast member prepares for his new series with Disney +

After the departure of the popular actor who played John “Johnny” Shelby in the Peaky Blinders series, Joe Cole, it has been revealed that the star has accepted a contract with the Disney + company to be one of the protagonists of the new series. limited that is being prepared and that will be called A Small Light.

According to the Deadline website, Joe Cole, 33, will participate in A Small Light, which will tell the story of a Dutch woman who protected Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis for more than two years and then kept her diary. The project hails from former Grey’s Anatomy actors Joan Rater and Tony Phelan.

The eight-episode limited series centers on twenty-something secretary Miep Gies (played by Bel Powley), who didn’t hesitate when her boss Otto Frank (Liev Schreiber) asked her to hide him and his family from the Nazis during World War II. World.

While Cole will play Miep’s husband, Jan, who struggles to keep eight souls hidden in the annex of their houses. As the story goes, Jan was in a unique position to serve those most affected by the Nazi occupation, including Jews.

Until Miep found Anne’s diary and kept it so that she and Otto could share it with the world later. In fact, the title of the series comes from one of the phrases said by the woman who protected these people in the middle of the war and who have practically become one of the best in the world:

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“I don’t like being called a hero because no one should think you have to be special to help others. Even an ordinary secretary, a housewife or a teenager can turn on a small light in a dark room.”

The real Miep Gies died in 2010 at the age of 100, she was Otto Frank’s faithful, funny, outspoken and utterly ordinary secretary. While Anne Frank wrote her beautiful coming-of-age story in her annex, Miep lived hers on the other side of the secret bookstore.

Surprisingly, Miep kept her heroic work a secret from her friends and family as she struggled with the daily pressures of work, daily wartime life under Nazi occupation, and a new marriage. Ever since Joe Cole appeared in Peaky Blinders, his popularity has been skyrocketing, opening doors for many other projects.

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