‘Peaky Blinders’ creator says series could continue without Tommy Shelby

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  • Steven Knight assures that they could open other ways in which the character of Cillian Murphy was not a decisive part
  • Peaky Blinders is what we know thanks to Cillian Murphy, but what if that universe was explored with a new story in which Tommy Shelby was not the central axis?

Creator Steven Knight has stated on Birmingham Live that the BBC drama could continue without its lead once it officially ends after its sixth installment.

In the form it is in, it is absolutely impossible to work without Cillian. But if it grows and progresses, who knows? Perhaps there are worlds that are part of Peaky’s world and are about someone else but he is the center that everything else orbits.

It seems increasingly clear that Peaky Blinders is not going to end with the premiere of season 6. Knight does not feel like leaving the gangster universe and it has already been confirmed that there will be a movie after the announced finale. “The COVID changed our plans. But I can say that my plan from the beginning was to finish ‘Peaky’ with a movie. And that is what is going to happen, ” the creator told Deadline.

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There will be a ‘Peaky Blinders’ movie: the creator confirms his jump to the cinema after the end of season 6.

Shortly after, he announced that he wanted to expand the franchise with more products and that the film will leave room for developing new stories. In other words, the feature film will serve as a springboard to tell more about the Peaky Blinders. “I think it will be an appropriate conclusion for the story told so far, but, from it, things will come out that I would not call ‘spin-offs, but other series that I hope will be a reality and that will continue to tell the story. of this part of society and of the family ”, Knight assured in Variety at the beginning of the year.

Therefore, Tommy Shelby and his family may say goodbye to the audience, but fans still have many years ahead of them to continue enjoying the characters who deal in this universe. When can we see the end? At the moment, season 6 of Peaky Blinders does not have a release date, but it is said that it could see the light of day in late 2021 or early 2022.

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