Peaky Blinders Season 6: Tommy Shelby twist ending recap

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Peaky Blinders Season 6: Tommy Shelby twist ending recap

The sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders began airing on February 27, 2022, closing with its final episode on April 3. Their ending has been giving viewers a buzz, because they used a story that had been used in the show’s past to wrap up Tommy Shelby’s (played by Cillian Murphy) plot. Ending spoiler alert!

After it is revealed that Tommy Shelby has tuberculosis and would gradually lose his motor functions in 18 months, he prepares to take his own life once he has put all family and company affairs in order. However, he has a vision of his dead daughter and realizes that Dr. Holford (Aneurin Barnard) was in league with Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) and they were trying to kill him.

Then, when he goes looking for the doctor and Oswald, he meets the doctor and threatens him to reveal the truth about the people who had sent him and what plans they would have. But, after Tommy returns to the caravan where he was going to commit suicide to be burned later, he had already been turned on by an unknown person, leaving the story open.

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Now, when the Shelby brothers arrive at the caravan and find it burning, just as Polly Gray (Helen McCrory) and Ruby Shelby (Orla McDonagh) did, they will assume he is dead, as gypsy funerals dictate. In fact, when they were at Polly’s funeral, Tommy asked Arthur (Paul Anderson) to do the same for him.

However, this idea copies the end of the third season of Peaky Blinders when Tommy shoots Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) in the face, to prove that he is dead. This so that he is considered dead by his enemies and allies alike. But, the funny thing is that Tommy could use this tactic to be able to prepare against Oswald before the movie of the show, which will be caught in the middle of World War II.

But, let’s remember that this plot that was used in the third season of the show complicates things for him, because, as with Alfie Solomons, Tommy Shelby quickly realized that he was still alive, so Tommy’s enemies also they will know that Tommy is alive, especially the doctor leaving him alive.

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Although, this will also give Tommy the opportunity to regroup in the shadows without putting the other members of his family at risk, working in the shadows to discover all his enemies and be able to finish Oswald Mosley once and for all. Until now, it has not been revealed how Tommy’s appearance will be developed for the film that will close the story of Peaky Blinders.

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