Penguin and Catwoman Deleted Scene Revealed in ‘The Batman’


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‘The Batman’ may continue to be shown in theaters around the world, but with its arrival on HBO Max, its box office power will be lost over time. And it is that the exclusive content of these formats now includes a deleted scene between Catwoman and the Penguin that had not been seen before.

After the premiere of ‘The Batman’ in theaters, it was confirmed that Matt Reeves will be in charge of several spin-off series of the universe starring Robert Pattinson, and one of them will be about ‘The Penguin’, the character of Colin Farrell, while the second could focus on Arkham Asylum, and all the bat villains found there.

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It is precisely the character of Collin Farrell and Zoë Kravitz who are in charge of starring in this deleted scene from ‘The Batman’ between The Penguin and Catwoman, where they seem to talk about the plans that Carmine Falcone’s subordinate has regarding the future of Ciudad Gothic.

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The scene is set at the time when Batman asks Selina Kyle to infiltrate the nightclub, Iceberg Lounge, to extract information from members of the government who are involved in business with Falcone and his people. That’s when Catwoman meets Oswald Cobblepot.

The future of ‘The Batman’ with this deleted scene

The implication of The Penguin within the plot of ‘The Batman’ is much deeper than Bruce Wayne believed at one point, since Oswald Cobblepot is only a pawn who discovers to the bat that the corruption of Gotham is much stronger than the system, and apparently older than previously believed.

On different occasions, Matt Reeves has stated that for the sequel to ‘The Batman’ the famous comic ‘The Court of Owls’ could be adapted, where the Wayne family and the past of Gotham City hide much more than what the Knight de la Noche is capable of defending, and the ‘El Pingüino’ series could give rise to that story, based on this deleted scene.

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Although this scene makes sense to understand more about The Penguin’s plans, the truth is that it takes the emotion out of the meeting between Catwoman and Carmine Falcone, where it is revealed why they are so close. Right now you can see this sequence included in the cut of ‘The Batman’ that came to HBO Max.

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