Perfect Life Season 2: Official Release Date, Plot, and All Other Details!

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Leticia Dolera has developed the very loved and famous Spanish comedy series Perfect Life for movistar+. In the month of October 19, 2019, the primary season was officially implemented on the latter platform. The show came as pretty great and fans have really something to look forward to. The makers have finally decided to take the series to the second season with a precise release date and there are also many other details as well.

Season 2 of Perfect Life is again written and directed by Leticia Dolera who has been joined by co-scribe Manuel Burque for screenwriting duties. Season 1 of Perfect life was a blockbuster hit in Spain and Abroad. It also won Best Series Awards and a special Interpretation Prize at Canneseries.

It has also been confirmed that the second season of the series will be produced in the month of December 2019. In January 2021, movistar+ and HBO max also agreed to attack the production company and released the first season in the united states. Season 2 will also be co-hosted by Luca Armani and Irene Meet by Torra.

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If you are also a fan of Perfect Life then there’s great news because the waiting time isn’t long and you will see season 2 of Perfect Life. Season 2 of Perfect Life. Here are all the details you need to know about Perfect Life season 2.

Perfect Life 2 Official Release date

The second season of Perfect Life will release on Movistar Plus on November 19, 2021. All the HBO subscribers within Latin America and the United States can stream the series simultaneously on HBO max as well.  The director of Movistar said: “Narratively speaking, the series ends here within the second season,” The total number of episodes you will find in Perfect Life season 2 is 6. The primary episode of season two will be premiered at the Iberseries Platino Industria Festival.

What To Expect From Perfect Life 2?

Esther, Cristin, and Maria altogether had come up with their own private problems in the first season and the way all the things begin to affect them. Now the second season of the series will showcase the story after six months of the first season. In the second season, Maria gets to know that she is pregnant from a drunken encounter and that too with an unsound gardener. The Perfect Life season 2 will cover many important subjects that will specially include postpartum depression.

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Perfect Life actress Leticia Drera during an interview presentation said: “I felt the necessity to affect the issues of postpartum depression and anxiety, the mystery of motherhood, and therefore the difficulties faced by couples after the marital crisis,”

Dolera also talked about how she spoke to different psychologists and wrote how women experience disappointing motherhood. She said: “Many women feel guilty about motherhood  because it wasn’t as good as they thought,”

Perfect Life 2 Official Trailer 

So now if you were thinking about whether we have a trailer for Perfect Life 2 then the good news is that yes we do have a trailer. The official trailer was released on HBO max a couple of hours ago. The trailer of Perfect Life 2 gives us the glipmse of how things are going to happen in the second season and what’s next to surprise you this season. The trailer also gives you an idea of what challenges does the hero of the story face.

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Even though there’s nothing as perfect life in the story but that doesn’t mean Maria, Christian and Esther will stop finding it. So enjoy while they search for their perfect life.

So, this was all which we knew about the series Perfect Life season 2. HBO Max will launch season 3 of Perfect Life in the United States on December 2. Will you be watching it? how much excited are you? do share your answers in the comments section.

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