Peter Gabriel speaks out on artificial intelligence

Peter Gabriel Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Musician and tech entrepreneur Peter Gabriel has shared his thoughts on the growing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in a recent interview with Yahoo! Music. Gabriel discussed the need to anticipate what AI technology might be capable of, stating that he is just as scared of AI as everybody else. However, he believes that not enough people are thinking about it and there needs to be more awareness about the technology. He added that AI will have more impact than the Industrial Revolution and the nuclear bomb.

Gabriel then turned to the topic of whether AI-generated music could have the same emotional impact as songs written by human artists. While most people argue no, Gabriel said he believes they just need better algorithms. He added that there will probably be algorithms for the human spirit one day, so we might as well just grab the algorithms and dance with them rather than fight them. Unfortunately, he thinks that neither his job nor anyone’s job is safe from AI.

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Gabriel also emphasized that AI can be seen as an amazing tool that could do all sorts of extraordinary things, including perhaps protecting our future. In February, Gabriel released a new song titled “The Court (Dark-Side Mix),” the second from his upcoming album ‘i/o,’ which features contributions from Brian Eno as well as Melanie Gabriel, Peter’s daughter, on backing vocals.

As AI continues to develop and grow, Gabriel’s thoughts and insights serve as a reminder that we must stay aware and prepared for what the future may bring. If we fail to anticipate the impact of AI, it may be too late to catch up.

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