Planet of the Dead: Army of the Dead 2 Release Date, Cast, and Other Updates

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Just like Zack Snyder’s Netflix world grows with the prequel film Army of Thieves, Army of the Dead 2 has been received an official headline: Planet of the Dead.

Netflix revealed the sequel in July 2021, after the original film was a box office success for the streaming platform. It is no wonder that we will be revisiting this world since Snyder has big ambitions for the project, along with an anime TV program set to premiere in early 2022.

Scott Stuber says it is incredible to watch Snyder return to his origins with Army of the Dead, which has become one of Netflix’s most successful movies, and construct another world around these characters with the future Army of Thieves and its anime show. 

After seeing the first film, spectators were left with lots to debate about, including what would happen to Vanderohe later, whether Geeta was dead or alive, and where those robotic zombies originated from. Do not forget about the time-loop in which the characters may not have been caught.

Here we share everything you need to know about Planet of the Dead.

How does the finale of Army of the Dead build up Planet of the Dead?

We have already seen everything that happened in Army of the Dead, so we will only focus on the closing scene, which sets up a dedicated sequel.

Vanderohe (played by Omari Hardwick), who had been imprisoned in the bunker by Ludwig, emerges from the ruins after the nuclear bomb blast with part of the money, which is more than most of the other squad members received since they were mainly dead.

He proceeds to an airport and spends the money on a personal jet to Mexico City, and everything seems to be in order. However, Vanderohe takes a weird turn when he goes to the restroom to clean up and discovers a zombie bite on his hand.

We never saw him be injured in the movie, but it most likely occurred outside the vault while Vanderohe was fighting Zeus. That means he will become an Alpha, which signals danger for the rest of the globe, especially since the aircraft is about to arrive in Mexico City.

Vanderohe’s lighthearted reaction to knowing he had been bitten may have shocked you, but Omari Hardwick has stated that he intended to portray it as a kind of a question mark.

It had been a while since he would be attacked, so who knows whether Vanderohe got fortunate and is resistant in a later course – or if his metamorphosis was just postponed to keep the suspense alive.

Whatever occurred, the sequel will most certainly start up from this suspense, or perhaps the fallout from Vanderohe’s arrival in Mexico City. The sequel might be even larger than the first because it is a little more difficult to isolate than Las Vegas.

The film has many unsolved mysteries, such as the aforesaid robotic zombie and the time-loop that might appear in Army of the Dead 2.

According to Snyder, the prequel film baked such concepts into the series, so expect more time loop fun in the sequel. It is possible that everyone who perished in the first film is not as dead as we believed. The only thing we care about in the sequel is whether Geeta (portrayed by Huma Qureshi) survives the helicopter accident at the end.

Planet of the Dead premiere date: When will Planet of the Dead be released?

Although the sequel is already in production at Netflix, we may still have to wait a while to see Planet of the Dead.

As per, Snyder will begin work on his Star Wars-inspired film Rebel Moon, which is expected to begin shooting in early 2022. Snyder will then go on to this sequel once it is finished.

We may have to wait longer than we anticipated since Snyder noted that he is still working away on Rebel Moon in an interview.

We do not know how long Rebel Moon will be in production or when it will begin, but we believe the fastest work on Army of the Dead 2 will begin in late 2022, which implies it will release on Netflix in late 2023.

For the time being, this is just speculation. Therefore we will keep you updated when more information becomes available.

The cast of Planet of the Dead: Who will return for the sequel?

Because there were not many people left alive at the conclusion of Army of the Dead to return in the sequel, this is a somewhat limited list.

Only Ella Purnell’s Kate Ward and Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe are certain survivors from the main cast, although Vanderohe is scarcely in his prime of life and is poised to become a zombie at any time.

Given the suspense, he will almost certainly return in the sequel, but they will have to figure out a way for Kate to rejoin for further zombie carnage. If we were here, we would like to flee as far away from zombies as feasible after her father handed her some funds before she had to mercifully murder him.

Nathalie Emmanuel portrayed Gwendoline in the original film, so we might see her again in the movie.

Trailer for Planet of the Dead

As previously said, Planet of the Dead will not begin shooting for a long, so do not anticipate any video in the next year or two.



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