PlayStation 5 Pro Expected Release Date, Price and Specs

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The PS5 Pro is making headlines because Sony is developing a more upgraded system of the PlayStation 5. Fans, on the other hand, are nevertheless eager to get their grips on the PS5.

Almost a year after the PS5’s release, there is a slew of rumours and suspicions concerning that the PS5 Pro is circulating. It all began with a “leak” that a corporate insider later verified. At this time, the PS5 Pro’s launch date, specifications, price, and compatibility are all unclear. We will, however, not be hesitant to share anything with you. Let us continue to inform you about the PlayStation 5 Pro and how you can get a head start on pre-ordering one.

What do we learn about the PlayStation 5 Pro?

Sony’s latest PlayStation consoles have a devoted fan base. The PS5 launched nearly a year ago, yet it is not available at most stores. As soon as the supply returns, fans rush to get their hands on them.

The PS5 Pro (PlayStation 5 Pro) is currently popular on social media sites like Twitter. Following a leak from MLID (Moore’s Law is Dead), the speculations began.

Sony is working on a fresh, better-spec, and more costly PS5 model, according to the former. The PlayStation5 Pro will be its name. Following that, there were reports that Sony is pre-registering people for the same. The rest is entirely based on rumours and guesses from tech companies and other news organizations.

Expectations for the PS5’s release date

From late 2023 to mid-2024, the Sony PS5 Pro is anticipated to be released. The PS5 was launched in late 2020, and fans anticipate a similar delivery date for the PS5 Pro.

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Early adopters may be able to get their hands on the next-generation consoles as early as 2023. The excellent thing is that die-hard fans are willing to go to considerable lengths to secure a place in the pre-registration line.

However, Sony has yet to make an official statement regarding the PlayStation5 Pro’s worldwide release.

Two graphics cards will be included with the PS5 Pro.

The next system will be powered by two GPUs, according to a patent submitted by Sony. It will be ten times quicker than the Xbox Series X due to the combination of two GPUs. Compared to the standard Playstation 5, it has 50% greater power, smoother gameplay, and better visuals.

What are the PS5 Pro’s specifications?

There are currently no details about the PS5 Pro’s specs. However, it may have the most efficient CPU on the market and a strong GPU.

The PS5 Pro is expected to have Zen 4 architecture CPUs and RDNA 3 architecture GPUs. It is also anticipated to focus on 8K gaming, which is a huge improvement above the PS5’s already fantastic 4K.

The system may also have a TDP of a minimum of 300W, VR (often referred to as PSVR 2), and a slimmer design. The PS5’s design has been critiqued, and Sony may take this into account when it develops the update.

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What will the price of the PS5 Pro be?

You may have already deduced from the specs that the PS5 Pro will be an extremely costly console. The PS5 is already pricey, with the digital edition costing $399 and the disc drive version costing $499.

The PS5 Pro will now serve as an upgrade. As a result, the PS5 Pro’s pricing or cost may rise from $600 to $700. It will be a hefty investment for any player. The price hike is likely due to rising production costs and lessons gained from Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro launch. Sony will have to offer the system at a higher cost to earn a profit on the Pro. Otherwise, every system sold would be a loss if the firm intends to switch to a whole new SOC, which appears to be the scenario.

By 2024, the PlayStation5 Pro may be widely available to buy. Following three years after the introduction of the PS4, the PS4 Pro also was made accessible in a similar way. 

How can You pre-register for PS5 Pro or get Early Access?

Sony is anticipated to begin accepting pre-orders for the PS5 Pro on their website shortly. According to the portal, anyone interested in receiving an invitation for the PlayStation 5 Pro edition may do so whenever they become available. The business will only have a limited quantity of these machines.

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Only qualified customers will get invitations, which will begin in early to mid-2023, and the PlayStation 5 Pro delivery may begin in late 2023.

To be eligible, users must have an active PSN Account (PlayStation Network Account) and a US address. This does not, however, ensure that you will be allowed to pre-register.

According to Sony, Pre-Registration invitations will be sent out based on previous preferences and PlayStation activity. Sony will send out an email with instructions to those who are qualified.

Why is the PS5 so expensive? 

PS5 is expensive due to multiple factors. Firstly, the high cost of parts has increased console prices. 

Also, the shortage of PS5 also influences the price as Sony decided to launch a limited number of PlayStation 5 pro. Secondly, increasing gaming habits during the lockdown in Covid-19 influences the price. According to a survey, people were interested in gaming more than 45% during the pandemic.  

Thirdly, shortage of the chip. You will be surprised to learn that there is a worldwide scarcity of semiconductors. For that reason, boards that require chips are becoming expensive. Lastly, the global shipping crisis adds to the price hike of the same. 

Final thoughts

At the moment, that is all we hear about the PlayStation5 Pro. It is presently in the alpha stage, and the specs shown here are subject to change. Let us hope Sony gives the PS5 a real update this time.


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