Poldark Season 6: Release Date And Renewal Updates

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Poldark Season 6
  • Poldark Season 5 Premired In July 2019
  • The show has not been officially renewed as of now.
  • Executive Producer, Karen Thrussell has dropped a mixed statement for the show’s future.

Netflix thriller series Poldark includes five incredible seasons. Since the premiere of Season 5, fans have been questioning about the future of the series, here’s what you should know.

Is Season 6 Possible?

Season 5 of Poldark premiered in July 2019 with an ultra satisfying ending, but the fans have been looking for announcements for the sixth season. Executive producer of the show, Karen Thrussell previously commented:

“This season (Poldark Season 5) will be the last series in Poldark’s chronicle… for now. Who knows what the future holds ”.

Poldark season 6 has some significance as season 5 did not complete the variation of the Poldark novels. There are 12 Poldark novels and the showrunners have potentially five more to cover. It can be concluded that there is enough material for the storyline to continue if the makers give Season 6 a green light.

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Will There Be A Season 6?

There is no official announcement for Poldark Season 6, as there is no confirmation if the show will return with another season. It doesn’t look good for another part of the thriller, plus it has been reported that the showrunners wanted to do just five seasons of the show.

Poldark Season 6: Details

Demelza, who was played by Eleanor Tomlinson, struggles to face a new rebel maid, and Geoffrey Charles, played by Freddie Wise, courts a brand new lady on the stage. Author Winston Graham has produced twelve novels about Ross the Poldark, his family, and his enemies, and so far Poldark has only covered the first seven books. This shows and proves that there is a chance for the Poldark to return.

Ross and Demelza’s children are the subject of plenty of articles. But will Poldark return for a sixth season? The question remains, Will there be a sixth season of Poldark?

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This is the first time that the Poldark has gone offline but firmly anchored in history. Ned Despard was a real figure within the abolitionist movement and his political goals were, uh, controversial to name just the smallest part. Don’t waste your time waiting for Season 6, as Poldark Season 5 will be the last in the series.

33 thoughts on “Poldark Season 6: Release Date And Renewal Updates”

  1. It doesn’t seem right to leave Poldark at season 5 there is still so much more. It’s just not right to start something and leave it unfinished. Please bring it back

    • I have to agree. There is 12 novels.. continue on.. I’ve been binge watching for a couple weeks and almost done!! I’ve pulled all nighters.. don’t stop now!

  2. Completed all 5 seasons in a week! Please bring back this series! I really want to know what happens on screen and not have to read the book, lol.

  3. Since it took 5 seasons to cover 7 novels, it would seem that the remaining 5 novels would be enough for the series to be extended at least 3 more seasons. To which I, for one, would exclaim, HURRAH. So please get back to work KT.

  4. I absolutely adore this series! They must finish the tale! The storyline and actors are a perfect combination. It’s been a long time since I’ve been captivated by a series!

  5. Tisn’t right, tisn’t fair, tisn’t proper to not finish the Poldark series all the way to Winston Graham’s 12th book!

  6. If a series only goes half-way through a story, viewers should be warned. That’s what was done to Poldark. If you’re not going to finish, don’t start.

  7. George has partially redeemed himself, coming in with blazing glory, it was so unexpected even though in one scene you could tell he was hesitant. The dialog with him and Ross was hysterical in the last scene with them when Rose was thanking him. Please don’t let that be the end of the series. Ross is such a salty specimen of a man and George is so easy to hate, the best actors in this series EVER. So addicting!!!!!

  8. Poldark is my favorite series of all time! I have watched it 3 times. Everyone I know that watched it loves it. There is much more that could be done with the story to add another season. Please come back!

  9. This is my second time of watching seasons 1 to 5 of Poldark. Finished the second watch last night
    I am obsessed and thinking of Poldsrk constantly and hoping for a season 6
    I’m going to buy the books now, to relieve me of my misery.

  10. Please reconsider it actually is just getting well known by all. Just loved it but had never heard of it. We would speed the word.

  11. I agree with Ann and Patty. Why would you only make 7 novels in 5 seasons when there are 12 novels to cover. Please please make a 6th season!!! My husband and I looked forward to Poldark every week. We loved it so much we bought all the DVDs!!

  12. Poldark is the best drama series we have had on tv in a long time. Its shame it was left so unfinished. Eleanor and Aidan together are extremely beautiful their chemistry is perfect together. I know theres a big gap in the books, so instead of waiting for them to age why cant they just fill in the gaps. Debbie Horsfield did a fantastic job and season 5 want in the books. So please let us have more soon. Lets see Ross come back from France to Demelza and the new baby

    • Totally agree season 5 wasn’t in the books. I would watch anything poldark with Ross and Demelza. The viewers loved them together. Lets have more

  13. I just binge watched the entire series in a week. By far the best series I have seen in a very long time. Please don’t stop with season 5. We still want more!!


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