Powerpuff Girls: this is what heroines look like in the live action series

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  • Powerpuff Girls: this is what heroines look like in the live-action series
  • This is how Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault look like the Powerpuff Girls in the live-action series that The CW is preparing.

The news portal of the show TMZ surprised fans of the original series by revealing a glimpse of the sets and actresses of the live-action of the Powerpuff Girls, after an animated reboot that did not like much in Cartoon Network, because there were new voice actors.

This is what the Powerpuff Girls look like in The CW’s live-action series.

In the images and filtered video we can see Bombón (Chloe Bennet), Bubble (Dove Cameron), and Acorn (Yana Perrault) in a more adult version, but still, with their original fringed dresses, this being a proposal by Diablo Cody, writer Juno and Heather Regnier from Sleepy Hollow with producer Greg Berlanti.

This live-action series proposal promises a reboot where the girls will be resentful twentysomethings due to their commitment to saving their city from the villains who constantly threatened it.

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Until now, the costumes have generated debate due to their simplicity, although it is possible that this will change as production progresses, especially because of how impractical they would be for 20-year-old superheroines. At the moment, CW has only announced a pilot episode for the series, which tells us that they have not yet given the green light to a full season while they wait for the reaction of the fans to the proposal.

Powerpuff Girls live-action signs Professor Antonio

In addition to the titular heroines, the live-action adaptation has already selected the actor who will play the role of the creator and adoptive father of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Antonio.

It is about the famous actor of the comedy Scrubs, Donald Faison who in the new series of The CW will try to repair his relationship with the beloved heroines of Cartoon Network who resent having lost their childhood fighting crime.

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Is Donald Faison the right actor to play Professor Utonius in the live-action adaptation?

Thus, the details about the filming of the live-action series of the Powerpuff Girls that The CW is preparing to continue to reach the networks.

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