Pretty Smart Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in November 2021

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The very new Netflix original sitcom Pretty Smart that premiered in October 2021 is already one of the funniest comedy shows of the year. Even though the series did not gain much popularity but it’s a fan favourite for the ones who are looking forward to the news about Pretty Smart season 2.

Emily Osment who is starred in the show as Chelsea, a struggling writer whose life takes a completely unexpected turn when she is forced to move in with her bubbly sister Clair. And that too along with her three happy go lucky roommates.

In addition to that, Chelsea also experiences a cultural shock when she moves out of the world of Academia and into a world of spiritual healers, online influences and some great handsome trainers. But she also learns a quick lesson about which thing she actually needs to be happy and then chooses the importance of her family.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not renewed Pretty Smart which means that Pretty Smart Season 2 would not be coming on the streaming giant in November 2021. We were actually not expecting another season to drop up so soon but we wanted to have an idea whether Netflix renews the comedy show or drop it down.

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Pretty Smart season 2 release date predictions

Usually, Netflix announces renewals one month prior to the show’s premiere but some decisions have been taking a lot of time especially during this period. The streamer will also look at the metrics for the first month of the Pretty Smart release and then it will decide on its fate in November if we expect the earliest.

The series Pretty Smart didn’t make it up to the top 10 on Netflix, but it seemed to have a click with its fans and if given a chance it might grow its fanbase as well. Since Netflix cancelled a number of shows earlier also, there is a cause of concern, especially for Pretty Smart. However it’s better to be cautiously optimistic and then expect the best results.

If Netflix chooses to renew Pretty Smart season 2, then the new episodes could also start filming at the beginning of 2022. We can say potentially it could be in February or March but it entirely depends upon how long the entire season takes it for filming all the new episodes. As soon as the shooting gets done we would be on a track to look for another fall release for Pretty Smart in 2022.

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At present, there are merely predictions about the series renewal or getting canceled. Netflix has also not announced anything on the same yet for the freshman comedy. All we can do is to wait for an official announcement from the makers. Until then stay tuned to our website as we will keep posting all the updates regarding Pretty Smart season 2 here only. Do share your views on whether Netflix should renew the series or not?

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